3 thoughts on “It’s going to be worth it all – I was born for this…

  1. This is random but I was wondering what bible version you would recommend? I love the KJV and know it’s at the top of reliable. But it can also be somewhat hard to comprehend. And I know U don’t want the NIV. I just need a bible version that will put it in simple terms without taking away or twisting scripture.

    • Download this Bible here, it’s a KJV with Strongs Concordance. http://www.e-sword.net
      After you download it, go to the pull down menu within the program so you have to open e-sword and look for the words:
      Download – click it
      then find
      Bibles – click it
      It will take you to a menu. Then search for the Modern KJV and the Contemporary English Version. They are free downloads. The CEV is VERY easy to understand and I like it alot, but I always compare it with the KJV and check the Strong’s numbers for deeper understanding.

      I just recently purchased the Complete Jewish Bible download for $15.00. It’s WONDERFUL, I love it; if you decide to try it, remember that it restores the original names, so instead of LORD it will say Adonai and instead of Jesus, it will say Yeshua, etc.

      I hope this helps.

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