Dec 6, 2012 (Video) Visions: MYSTERY BABYLON

During the early morning hours, I received a vision from Abba.  It was very unique in that it is the longest vision I have ever received from Him.  It was as if I was sitting on my Daddy’s lap, reading a book with Him.  This is what I was shown, that Mystery Babylon is spiritual garbage and feces, it is spiritual poison, it is spiritual death.

Watch the video here:

Mystery Babylon includes: Illuminati, Freemasonry, Catholic Church, All those Freemason Organizations including the Eastern Star and the Red Hat Ladies; the Apostate Corporate Church, the church of Satan; Kabbalah, Mormonism, Watchtower Society, New Age, Islam, Scientology, Zionism. I will add more names as I learn them to this list. COME OUT OF HER. Give your hearts over to Jesus 100%.