Dec 9 2012 – Daddy, COME HOME!

This morning, I have been in tears over the things the Lord is showing me. My heart is so heavy. People think this is easy for me, it’s not. And the hateful things they say, that I’m a closet satanist and stuff. So cruel, so hateful. Not true Christians.

A sister posted this video link on her youtube channel. It touched me so deeply, I wept when I heard the song.

Abba, I have made certain promises to You as You have to me. With this song I am crying out to You – COME HOME SOON, take Your People Home.

14 thoughts on “Dec 9 2012 – Daddy, COME HOME!

  1. Thank you for your heart and service to Yeshua. Praying for you. ❤ Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I know how you feel…. and thank you so much for turning us on to these super-talented and precious kiddos. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, sister!

  3. Blessing to you this Hanakkah week—-I am lighting the candles I have–I will buy me a Jewish candle holder Menoiah for next year—-I really do love the story of Hannakah—pray for my daughter and grand-daughter on flights today to arrive from Calif to Colorado—for the holidays—Shalom Marner

  4. amazingly beautiful! dear friend do not worry about what the people of the world has to say about you, after all, they see with the eyes of the world, very dirty eyes, so dirty that they can barely see. the one who’s judgement we should worry about already knows our hearts. don’t let any of these attacks bring you down, that is the idea of the attacks.

  5. Dear Selena, you are a dear sister in Christ and much loved. Father will reward you greatly. The peace of God and the love of Jesus Christ be with you.

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