Nov 29, 2012 (Audio) Vision: Planetary Alignment

I don’t know what this means exactly – except that I believe it is a warning and also hope for God’s People, but this is what I was shown, I believe I must share this now:

30 secs

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He gave me the constellation Orion. I saw planets. I saw one planet move under the constellation. It was bright, maybe it was a star that I saw but I saw a big one. (Sorry this drawing is so rudimentary, but I did this on the Paint program.)

I saw ORION and a Bright Star

Orion, the Warrior.

He said He’s going to give me more. He said, MY FOOT. (Meaning YHVH Yeshua’s Foot)

Scriptural Reference:

Job 9:9

maketh: Job_38:31, Job_38:32-41; Gen_1:16; Psa_147:4; Amo_5:8
Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades: Heb. Ash, Cesil, and Cimah, the chambers. Psa_104:3, Psa_104:13; Act_28:13
Job 38:31

Pleiades: or, the seven stars, Heb. Cimah, Job_9:9 *marg. Amo_5:8
Orion: or, Cesil
See also: Orion, coming forth, as light
Psa 102:16
Isa 60:1
Isa 63:1


In the book of Job mention is twice made of Chesil, translated and generally considered to be the constellation Orion; but as the word occurs in the plural, Chesilim, in Isaiah 13:10, and as there is but one Orion, this name must have a different intention. It always, however, is attributed to Orion, and in its radical meaning of bound together well applies to the nebulae so remarkable in this constellation, stars bound together by the all-pervading law of gravitation. From this most ancient name, and from that of Misam, assembled, applied to other nebulae, it appears that those who gave them saw what Lord Rosse’s great telescope has only lately made plain to modern science. Those ancients knew that these white clouds of light in the far depths of space were assembled orbs, bound together by the universal law of the universal Lord.

In the modern sphere, the foot of Orion is on the hare, a most unintelligible position; but originally, as may be seen in Egyptian remains,* his foot was on the serpent. Arnebeth, the hare coming to rend, or tear, the vegetable crops, seems to have been substituted for the similar sounding “enemy of Him that cometh.” A serpent was figured in this place in Oriental spheres. The foot upon the serpent’s head was the distinguishing mark of the seed of the woman, whether as the lamb, the lion, the kneeling Hercules, the conflicting Ophiuchus, or Orion “coming forth as light.”** The victory over the serpent, and the wounded foot, equally indicate Him in ancient mythology. The Greeks degrading Orion into a mere hunter, yet gave him divine parentage, and preserved the tradition of the wound in the heel from a venomous creature, which aids in identifying the Mighty One here figured with the promise of the Redeemer who should come “traveling in the greatness of His strength.”

7 thoughts on “Nov 29, 2012 (Audio) Vision: Planetary Alignment

  1. A great book to help understand Gods word and the connection to how God wrote the plan in the stars is by EW Bullinger and is called A Witness in he Stars . I believe that it really helps with understanding Gods timeline and the whole story of Jesus in the night sky .

    • EW Bullinger, I like his work. His Companion Bible is offered online for free too. I should check and see if there is anything on there about this too.

      Thank you for the info. Blessings.

  2. There´s another sister on youtube who also have had words about Orion and the stars revealing the Lords plan. What comes into my mind is that the 7day adventist have a teaching about the Heavenly Sanctuary in Orion as Gods watch in the heavens. I haven´t studied it and I´m not a member. But I will check it out now.

  3. The chambers, seven stars of Pleiades, symbolic meaning of stars; are angels or spirits; HEB1:14; REV1:16-20 & 2:1 & 3:1, JUDE13,wandering stars. KJV 1611/Apocr; 1ENOCH18:14, “And I beheld seven stars like Blazing mountains and like spirits entertaining me.” The word blazing in Nelsons Bible dictionary;” ” a bright or steadily light or glare”, ” a brilliant display” mountain”means something that is high up, something elevated; such as stars shining in outer space- in the literal. In ENOCH 8 it mentions seven Angels who left there heavenly estate; GEN6:2 They came from heaven, and married with women. Before I go any further; what about ENOCH? HEBREWS11:5-6;JUDE1:14-16;JOHN3:13;GEN5:22… There was one other than Enoch, 2kings2:11, ELIJAH. God loved Enoch, God walked with him, and God spared him that he should not have to die,he was a prophet. 1ENOCH18:14-15; “then the angel said, This place is the end of heaven and earth: this place has become a prison for the stars and the hosts of heaven. There are seven angels which are mentioned in chp18, these seven angels are Azazyel, Amararah, Amers, Barkayal, Akibeel, Ramiel, Asaradel. Need to mention all these NEW AGE contact mediums and the Myan and Aztec, Egytians of old and so on there are many, they all refer to Pleiades as the place from were there gods come or in new age cases the aliens or what ever guise they choose. Anyways from what you’ve told and shown us these days and days past. Arcturus,and the rest are star gates. These are holes in the space and time, where these beings can pass through, such as UFO,s or whatever. This is only my humble opinion, I’m no expert by any means, and I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I do like the book of Enoch, and God loves him and so do I. God bless all.

  4. I’ve recently received multiple parts in dreams and visions the past few weeks where ELohim has tied in planetary alignment. He has also drawn me to watching the sky ALOT and I have seen so many different signs in them recently. Im not 100% sure what planet alignment means i scripture but just interesting and encouraging to find others receiving similar things from the Father.

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