Dec 25, 2012 (Audio) Question: Are You OK Lord?

1.5 mins

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Ok the Lord just gave me a word, He said AND YOU FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

I have been asking Him if He is ok. I know He is the Living God, I know He’s Self Existent, but He has a heart and He feels pain, He feels anguish….and He’s been very, very quiet. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting for this night, but He’s been very, very quiet.

So I just asked Him if He was ok, and that’s when He gave me that word You follow directions.

Now the other thing that came to mind were the journal entries, that I had returned to Him;

prayers sent back

Spiritually speaking, I wonder if He’s pondering the information. I wonder if He’s received them, if He’s reading them basically….That did come to mind, were the journal entries….

Scriptural Reference:

Joh 11:35 Jesus wept.

One thought on “Dec 25, 2012 (Audio) Question: Are You OK Lord?

  1. …I feel as though a major calamity is to happen. Our LORD must be suffering. How wonderful is HE. It still astounds me the depth of our LORD – you are an unbelievable GOD.

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