Jan 7, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Fallen Angel Raffle

Mat 10:16 “Pay attention! I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, so be as prudent as snakes and as harmless as doves.

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I fell asleep and had another dream. In this dream, I saw a neighborhood. There was a group of children playing in the road. The snow plow man was supposed to come by and drop some dirt, but instead a woman with a big humoungous muffler came, she started – like when she drove by – all this smoke came out of her muffler onto the road.

And then, I saw the group of children, they wanted to run to their parents to tell them that they had a ticket to buy something. So I ran after the children to find out what it was. I could hear the parents in a frantic going, What?! What?! You can’t buy that!!

As we were running to the parents, that little Honey Boo Boo girl was driving something, that crazy little Honey Boo Boo girl, that poor thing – that abused child in my opinion….

…but anyway….

She was driving something that had a cart in the back. She just took off like a little speed racer down the road, practically running over people, so anyway. The parents, started running back down the road, to a place, which honestly kind of looked like a church. They were having some sort of a raffle or an auction.

Admission Tickets

As we were running back to where the children had gotten (obtained) their tickets, the parents were saying, We can’t get that! It’s binding! It’s binding!! And I’m like, What? What is binding? What did they get? What do they want to get? They said, They want to get a bear! They are raffling off a bear as a pet! I’m like, What??!

And sure enough, I walked into the door and there was a big bear sitting on a table (asleep), it was a black bear.

bear on a table

So I could see the parents, tearing up the tickets that had the little numbers on them.

I continued walking- and there was another sort of raffle taking place. And these people, they appeared to have very, very enlarged heads. And it was supposed to be like they were in costume, but they were grossly malformed, just very, very large, very ugly.

And people stood in a row auctioning each of these “things” off so that they could – kind of like a “date auction” – and those things were supposed to spend the night at their house, but the people who were participating, they were being asked questions about their homes (their temples/bodies/spiritual conditions).

So the man asked him (a guy standing in line with a ticket) about his home, to describe his home for him and whether or not this was really something he wanted, to have one of these people with the enlarged heads stay with him. And he said, Well, I’ve got some dirt in my house, it’s not the cleanest place in the world, but you know – I think he’ll be comfortable there and I think we’ll have a good time.”

I just thought, Ewww! Why do this??

I wanted to take a closer look at their faces, and for some reason I was given that in the dream. To me it appeared as though they were wearing masks, masks that made them look as though, 1) as though they had human faces, and 2) that they were very, very large, their heads were too big for their bodies.

paper mache masks

But then, on the other hand…it actually did look very real, very real. So there was that aspect there.

I’m going to ask the Lord for interpretation.

(time lapse to pray)

Ok, the first thing the Lord is revealing to me is that this is about the fallen angels. I believe people will not take the danger seriously, however, some will, some will understand that something’s not right. The young believers represented by the children, the young believers the new converts, they need to be, the older Christians (spiritually mature) need to be bold and correct them, not be afraid to correct the new Christians, the baby Christians, the lambs of the flock, that danger is approaching, that they are involving themselves in danger.

I can give you a quick example: I was at a store, shopping. This was maybe close to a year ago this happened. There was a beautiful girl behind the counter. A little bit on the heavy-set side, but definitely, very, very pretty girl. She was singing that Katy Perry song (Alien). Something stirred up inside of me and I just blurted it out, I said, That song is about fallen angels. Listen to the lyrics, you know – “could you be an angel could you be the devil” – She is singing a song about a fallen angel, aliens are fallen angels, don’t sing that song! You are inviting them to come into your life when you sing those songs.

And the look on her face was, 1) it was shock; 2) first she had this look on her face like, What are you talking about? (You know…?) Like “you’re nuts!” But then the Holy Spirit ministered to me, because I could see her countenance and she calmed down. So I don’t know, maybe she was a Christian; but the Lord ministered to me that she received an accepted the message.

And I could see a look on her face that she was actually appreciative and she was very nice to me after that, which I expected her to – I expected the opposite reaction – that she would be rude to me after that, but she wasn’t, she was actually very, very nice to me. And so, you know – it’s things like that – we need to be bold and step up to the plate, those of us who know and say look, this is not something that you should be involving yourself in, there’s danger here. In the dream, the parents were RUNNING after the children, and they were IMMEDIATELY tearing up those tickets.

There is a sister in Christ who came to me asking for dream and vision interpretation, and the Lord had put it on my heart to interpret for her. And she had a vision of seeing different kinds of animals. And the Lord had given me a word to help me understand the interpretation of her vision. What it boiled down to was that she was actually being given a warning about three (3) different types of fallen angels and their behaviors. That’s what the Lord gave me, based on the different animals that she was shown.

So this is why – and the reason why I’m bringing that up is because the bear that was in my dream, sitting on the table being raffled off.

I asked the Lord what that means, why it was depicted as a raffle or an auction – Ok the first word the Lord gave me is SPORT. I said, Lord I don’t understand that word; THEY ARE MAKING SPORT OF HUMANS, is what He said.
I’m going to continue in prayer on this.

(time lapse)

Oh…it’s a reverse psychology type thing. The humans think that what is the sport is what is being raffled off, that they are participating in something and that they are being given a choice, because they are the ones holding the tickets they are the ones saying, Sure, yeah, I want to participate in this, this sounds fun…
But the reality is that they are being tricked, they are – it’s a reverse psychology type thing – the truth is that what is being raffled off are the humans.

date auction

Oh my goodness…. Oh the Lord says, IT’S A REVERSE OF THE SCRIPTURE THAT SAYS “ENTERTAINING ANGELS UNAWARES” – the enemy is going to use that scripture against the people. Oh my goodness.

I’ll continue in prayer…

(time lapse)

Ok, I asked the Lord, what’s the symbolism behind the large heads that looked like a mask, but also appeared to be real. He said THAT REPRESENTS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE. Basically, it’s going to sound like truth but it’s all false. The raffle itself could be a symbolic – – I’m going to continue in prayer on that, one moment….
Ok, the word the Lord is giving me is HUSBANDRY.

I need to emphasis that the bear I saw was BLACK bear. The word the Lord is giving me for that is PAPOOSE, also part of the auction. The word that was given to me regarding black bear in the dream was that it was BINDING.


So, this is a warning to churches, to be on guard, on your guard. Don’t assume – oh my goodness. This is, you know – Christians – and I’m including myself in this comment – We are so trusting, because we think that everyone is like us, we really have to use the Holy Spirit to make us aware when danger is around. We need to be following the Lord very closely. …..my goodness…oh my goodness…

The children may also represent the youth, because the Lord just gave me that word, YOUTH. Youth groups, youth group activities, that kind of thing.

Be in prayer for the children and the youth. Cover them with the Blood of the Lamb, cover them with prayers, warfare prayers, whether you go to that church or not, reguardless, the people of God are in danger. Pray for them, pray for them!

Pray that the Lord heighten their spiritual senses, their spiritual gifts, and pray that He give you a boldness, to be bold about the truth, about the dangers, you know…

Before I end the track, I want to quickly state that the activity on the road, represents demonic activity, the Snow Plow Man, if you’ve ever seen one of those, it’s pretty powerful to see a snow plow in action, they can grasp huge chunks of snow and just push it off to the side.

snow plow

And actually create walls of snow doing that. Throwing down a layer of dirt, the smoke – all of that represents deception.

Heavenly Father, I give You all the praise and the glory, thank you so much, for sending out the warning for your people, Great Glorious King, Overcomer of the world, I thank you Lord, I thank you for your mercy, love and Your blessing upon Your people. Thank You Lord, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Scriptural Reference:

Joh 16:33 “I have said these things to you so that, united with me, you may have shalom. In the world, you have tsuris (tribulation). But be brave! I have conquered the world!” (CJB)

Other Notable Information:

American Black Bears: American black bears often mark trees using their teeth and claws as a form of communication with other bears, a behavior common to many species of bears.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Black_Bear

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  1. This dream really resonates with a dream I had from ELohim a few months back. I won’t share the whole dream to spare you time but towards the end of my dream there were these dark men doing business in the street, they looked professional and had flashy colors, but I noticed they were selling dead people in coffins. And people actually were drawing near in awe(because the coffins looked fancy and fun and bright), and I thought ew yuck! Who would want anything to do with that. When ELohim explained the dream to me he said that Satan was making a business out of the dead (the spiritually dead). Because the leader of the organization was like a sly con-man dressed for business but lying, and just not …well…. good…

    Anywho yours reminded me of that with the part about auctioning off humans like a business. They are certainly doing it out in the open people just need their eyes opened. I’m thankful mine open more and more the closer I get to ELohim.

    • Hello Timothy, my name is Selina, and I’m Electsister777. I’m just a simple woman, who has been given a job in Abba’s Kingdom. I’m very happy to share what the Lord has given me and I praise Him for being so gracious to me. I love Yeshua with all my heart. I pray that the pages of my Online Dream Diary bless you.

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