Jan 11, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Blood and Fallen Angels

This is a warning dream.

2.5 mins

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I’ve just woken up from quite a few dreams, from what I can remember the theme of the dreams was blood. I remember the issue was the fallen angels there were small children in the dreams as well. I wasn’t shown anything, you know, too horrible. It seemed to center on a cafeteria, but unfortunately I really can’t remember the dream or the dreams very much.

I’ve been praying that the Lord would bring back, dream recall for me. But…I don’t know, I’ll continue to wait on Him and see what He gives me.

(time lapse)

I remember one scene in particular in the dream where I arrived at a line, it did have the appearance of a cafeteria. I went and I looked at everything, there was a man that was doing the same thing, he was an older man, and he was in front of me and I was walking behind him and….

The word the Lord is giving me for that is INSPECTION. I do recall the emotion and the sentiment in that part of the dream was that I wasn’t particularly impressed and neither was the older man. I remember that the line – it was a very, very long line (of people). People were waiting to receive something by being there.

The Lord did give me one word, He said LABOR. But I’m not exactly sure which context. There’s an aspect of impetuousness, so impetuous means to act without considering the consequences and to do something on impulse. It also means violent and moving with great force and energy. So perhaps both meanings apply since people were waiting in line and there is some aspect having to do with the fallen angels.

So that’s all for this dream.

evil lunch lady

Scriptural Reference:

Complete Jewish Bible Translation

Job 39:24 Frenzied and eager, it devours the ground, scarcely believing the shofar has sounded.
Job 39:25 At the sound of the shofar it whinnies; as from afar it scents the battle, the roar of the chiefs and the shouting.
Job 39:26 “Is it your wisdom that sets the hawk soaring, spreading its wings toward the south?
Job 39:27 Does the eagle fly up when you say so, to build its nest in the heights?
Job 39:28 It lives and spends its nights on the cliffs; a rocky crag is its fortress.
Job 39:29 From there it spots its prey, its eyes see it far off.
Job 39:30 Its young ones suck up blood; wherever the slain are, there it is.”

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  1. last night I had many flashes of school buses,children and school,I dont remember it,I dont feel it is good but it was many fast moving images.God Bless

    • Well, when this happens to me, I just keep a record of what I was shown – because what ends up happening is that the Lord builds on that bit of info. Stepping stones, building blocks, etc. A little bit at a time. Link all like minded dreams together to see a more complete picture.

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