Dec 20, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Yeshua My Olive ♫

The orginal audio is filled with weeping, I cannot bring myself to share such intimacy so openly. But on is night, the Lord brought the dream to my remembrance and I sang this song of love to Yeshua, where I describe the dream through song.

7.5 mins

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In a dream, you came me. And you showed me your suffering on Calvary’s tree. You laid yourself over me, Yeshua. And you showed me your suffering, on that terrible tree. Your arms were open wide, your head hung low. Your knees were bent, Yeshua, Yeshua. The crown of thorns were sharp, Yeshua.

When you took your last breath, You said, It’s finished my love, I did it to set you free, I did it to set you free, Just believe in Me Selina, Believe in Me, Just believe in Me. I did all for you, I did it all for you.

Jesus Tomb

And then you took me, you took me in the tomb, you laid me next to you. I tried to keep you warm. I tried to keep you warm. I lay next to you, and you showed yourself to me. You let me remove the cloth, so that I could see your face….so plain….so plain for me….so plain for me…I touched your face, it was so plain for me…

I asked you why, why do you look this way…I said, Sweet Savior, why do you look this way to me? And you opened your eyes, you looked at me, and you said, these precious words, He pressed Me. He pressed Me.

olive press

He pressed Me. Abba pressed Me for you, He pressed Me.

I wept in the crook of your arm. I wept in the crook of your arm. I touched your face, you let me touch you. I touched your face, you let me hold you. Yeshua…Yeshua, I love you.

I love you.(time lapse)

Yeshua gave me another word He said, I ADORN YOU.


Scriptural Reference:

Complete Jewish Bible Translation

Hos 14:1 (14:2) Return, Isra’el, to Adonai your God, for your guilt has made you stumble.
Hos 14:2 (14:3) Take words with you, and return to Adonai; say to him, “Forgive all guilt, and accept what is good; we will pay instead of bulls [the offerings of] our lips.
Hos 14:3 (14:4) Ashur will not save us, we will not ride on horses, and we will no longer call what we made with our hands our gods. For it is only in you that the fatherless can find mercy.”
Hos 14:4 (14:5) “I will heal their disloyalty, I will love them freely; for my anger has turned from him.
Hos 14:5 (14:6) I will be like dew to Isra’el; he will blossom like a lily and strike roots like the L’vanon.
Hos 14:6 (14:7) His branches will spread out, his beauty be like an olive tree and his fragrance like the L’vanon.
Hos 14:7 (14:8) Again they will live in his shade and raise grain; they will blossom like a vine, and its aroma will be like the wine of the L’vanon.
Hos 14:8 (14:9) Efrayim [will say], ‘What have I to do any more with idols?’ And I, I answer and affirm him; I am like a fresh, green cypress tree; your fruitfulness comes from me.”
Hos 14:9 (14:10) Let the wise understand these things, and let the discerning know them. For the ways of Adonai are straight, And the righteous walk in them, but in them sinners stumble.

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  1. What a touching revelation Selina. Yahushua my LORD, I want to say that I love you for giving up your life for us, and thank you Father for Pressing Him inorder to save us. I love the way he said it” He pressed Me”. The Holy Spirit came over me at that point, I’m overwhelmed with love. thank you Yahushua, King of Glory, I love you. May God bless you Sis,you are a source of blessing to me.

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