Jan 15, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Jesus Is Manna

Deu 8:3 And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.

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In this dream, I saw Charles Ingalls (from the t.v. show Little House on the Prairie). He was with the native American Indians.

charles ingalls indian camp

They were starving and they had someone who was injured. He said, I’ll help you, and he brought back a big bowl of rice and some other kind of food. And in the dream I saw him cleaning out the rice, getting the powder off of it, and he said, There, that should help.

And the Chief said, No you don’t understand, we are starving. Some of our people are hunting right now. We need meat.

indian chief

And Charles said, OK there’s a group of us, we are hunting too. I’ll bring you back something if I get something.

And for some reason the group of native Americans had to leave, they were travelling. So as Charles rode away, the native Americans began packing up, but I noticed that they left somebody behind, the man who was injured.

Then the dream moved ahead in time and Charles came back. All of the Indians were gone at that point except the injured one. Charles got off of his horse and went over to the injuried man. He said, I did my best to find some food, but I couldn’t find any.

He said, I’ll try to help you too. But the man wasn’t really injured, and he jumped on his horse and stole Charles’ horse and ride away.

It was pretty amazing what happened next, because, somehow Charles – without a horse, was able to run, and swoop in, and get his horse back, so he kind of jumped on his horse and got his horse back.

And I saw him back at the camp where the injured man originally was. And he was putting his saddle back on the horse, and for some reason, I really focused in on the belt.

saddle buckle

Of course Charles was very angry, and the young Indian man came back to the camp, but by that time his horse, something had happened to his horse and he didn’t have it anymore, so he lost his horse by trying to steal Charles’ for food.

I’m going to ask the Father about this dream. I’m going to pray and ask for help with interpretation.

(time lapse)

Ok, well the first thing the Lord is ministering to me that this dream is about SUSTENANCE. The native Americans didn’t have enough food to last them through the winter. Both hunting parties were looking for food but couldn’t find any. The Lord says that the reason why they couldn’t find any was because there was FAMINE IN THE LAND. There was great concern among the native American Indians about the fact that there was no food and Charles was concerned about the lack of food too, but he had a confidence about him where he seemed like he wasn’t too worried about it. So even though he was hunting for food himself….


The Indian man who was sick tricked his own people too, because they thought he was really, really injured and that’s the reason why they left him behind. He wasn’t sick or injured he was pretending with them too. Which basically speaks to trickery or treachery on his part.

As I was thinking about how quickly Charles was able to get his horse, the Lord gave me a word he said STEALTH.

The Lord gave me the name JOSEPH. Then the Lord gave me a word, He said, I WOULD NEVER.

So this dream actually seems to point to the story of the “Stolen Cup,” – Joseph and his brothers. The famine in the land. There seems to be something else the Lord is trying to reveal to me within the context of the dream. The 7 years of famine. There was no harvest during that time period.


Which I have to admit that that is true. Those aren’t just words Jesus was saying metaphorically about his body. He was actually being literal when He said that.

A while back ago, I had a dream where the Lord was feeding me food. He was actually feeding me. Now the food of course is Scripture and just like the seeds and the fruit are Scripture, and we’re not supposed to spit them out, we’re supposed to plant them in the garden of our lives.

And when I had woken up from that dream, I literally felt like I had eaten a meal and I was stuffed to the brim. And I did not need to eat that day.

When we seek after the Lord’s righteousness with everything we have in us, he can manifest himself to us supernaturally, and feed us that Manna that will literally not only sustain us spiritually but also sustain us physically.

That is my experience. I saw Him feeding me. And when I woke up I felt like I had eaten a big humungous meal and I did not need to eat that day. So, that’s something that happens in the supernatural.

Jesus is Manna

And in order to be blessed that way, all of us, we all have to draw very, very close to the Father, through Jesus, His son. He makes all of that possible through the Holy Spirit. So, I just thought I’d share that, because the word the Lord gave me for this dream is SUSTENANCE.

I asked the Lord to help me with the belt, why did I focus in on the belt, the analogy there, is safety, security, being firm, being girded about the loins with Truth.

The other thing I noticed about the dream is that both groups of people represent the people of God. But one group is steeped in paganism and the other group isn’t, at least in the analogy of Charles being a Christian man – – I didn’t see any other Caucasian white people, I just saw him and the group of Indians, so him being a LEADER AMONG HIS PEOPLE.

leader among people

I believe that moral of this dream is that by the time the famine hits, which it’s already, in my opinion, and from what the Lord has shown me, it’s already begun, it’s going to be so hard to find the sustenance, there’s going to be a panic, spiritually speaking, among the people. They are going to know what is wrong, but they won’t be able to pin point what it is because they can’t find the truth.

So, it’s really up to the people of God who know the truth to pray for all those who don’t, that the Lord quicken their spirit and bring them to repentance so that the Holy Spirit can come in and sup with them. That’s where and how they will be able to find the beginning of the Truth, but we need to be praying for them, and you know, we’re talking people who will mostly be desperate for the Truth and it will be evident in their lives because they will be wandering. And they won’t have the Love of the Lord, they’ll be steeped in paganism and there’s some aspect to treachery as well, they may…I’m not sure how that translates…

Except that they will be have FOOLISHLY, that’s what the Lord is giving me right now, against the true people of God, but we are girded with Truth and so we are secure.

So that’s all for this dream. Thank you Lord for ministering your truth with such a simple analogy. I appreciate you Lord, I do. I love you . In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Scriptural Reference:

Gen Ch 44 – Joseph’s cup

2 Sam Ch 19 – Stealth (this word only shows up in the KJV once)

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  1. Beautiful dream sister—-I know this time will come whereas we have to rely on everything SUPERNATURALLY—-and Yahweh & Yeshua will have to be our EVERYTHING—-but I have plenty of practice in that area in my life—this week I have been singing to Yahweh and praising him for his goodness—and the bad times and pains of life that has taught me to rely on HIM ONLY and NOT MAN!
    HE IS SO GOOD PEOPLE–Trust and Cling to HIM—JOHN 3:16

  2. Replying on 3/7/2013 and if you see the news here: The Locusts are in Israel–isn’t that amazing—the locusts left Egypt unharmed and now in Israel—see this:

    There will be famine in the lands not only for food—but more for spiritual food–as you are saying sister—-time to draw closer to our Father–who can not only save the body physically but spiritually as well—-blessing to you all who call on the name of Yahweh and his son Yeshua—Shalom

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