Jan 16, 2013 (Audio) Dream: They will learn their Lesson

They insult our Lord, and He will teach them a lesson they will never forget.

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In this dream I saw a 1970’s couple, definitely from the 1970’s they both wore matching pink flowery shirts, and she had a headband made of the same material.

pink floral fabic

He had 1970’s hair with the big sideburns and his personal grooming was not all that great. They were out on the town and she got a little tipsy and she started laughing and he got upset so he wanted go to go home. So they walked down the city street and they went to a place and he went to go open the door, which at the time I thought was their home, but when they walked inside I saw that it was like another bar or another club.

So as he’s scolding her about being tipsy, she looked at him and rather than argue with him (she was just laughing and having a good time) she said, I’m sorry – you’re right, I’m conceited. And he took her by the hand, and he said, No you’re not conceited, just don’t do that again.

And then they went inside, that’s when I noticed that the light from the street caught my attention and he had hair coming out of his nose.

nose hair

I thought, Ew….trim that…

But I understood it was the 1970’s and I thought, Well, their personal grooming wasn’t all that great back then. When they walked into this bar I noticed there was live music, it was a really plain place, there was nothing too big about it, it had long folding tables and chairs and there was some people singing. I also remember seeing big trucks on the outside, like delivery trucks on the street.

I’m going to ask the Father because I know there was more to this dream, I’m going to ask Him for help with the dream.

(time lapse)

I’m remembering a scene from the dream. There was an outdoor parade, there were a lot of people lined up, in the area where the crowd stands.

parade crowd

There was a young couple, the man was supposedly holding a baby, but I didn’t see one. That was the understanding that I had in the dream, was that he had a baby in his arms, and the woman was making cooing sounds at the baby and kissing sounds at the baby while he held it in his arms. But again, I didn’t see a baby.

There was also some issue with a dog, but I’m not sure where that fits… They seem to be chasing after the things of the world….. The Lord says THEY WERE CHASING AFTER THE THINGS OF THE WORLD.

The part with the baby that wasn’t there, yet he was holding something in his arms as if he did have a baby in his hands, and the mother was kissing as if there was a baby there but there wasn’t – that has something to do with the fruits. Non-existant fruit that they think they are producing.

What I’m understanding is that this dream is a description of a spiritual condition of chasing after the things of the world and the people who chase after the things of the world, they don’t produce anything, they don’t have any production. They aren’t producing the fruits of the spirit and they aren’t producing a harvest for the Lord.

The Lord says the two trucks represent dead people.

two trucks

The spiritually dead, the trucks, they were empty.

The dog, represents that it starts in the home, something about the home life not being right. And the dog itself may have been a puppy or a very young doggie.

That’s all for this dream.

(time lapse)

The passage of Scripture that the Lord has led me to for this blog entry, there are several actually. It took me a little bit of time to find the right ones and I believe that these scriptures to speak to the message of the dream. So I’m going to start with:

Pro 21:24 “Scoffer” is what you call a proud, insolent person who acts with overweening conceit.
Pro 21:25 A lazy man’s craving will kill him, because his hands refuse to work —
Pro 21:26 he covets greedily all day long; but a righteous person gives without holding back.

Num 11:18 “Tell the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, and you will eat meat; because you cried in the ears of Adonai, “If only we had meat to eat! We had the good life in Egypt!” All right, Adonai is going to give you meat, and you will eat it.
Num 11:19 You won’t eat it just one day, or two days, or five, or ten, or twenty days,
Num 11:20 but a whole month! — until it comes out of your nose and you hate it! — because you have rejected Adonai, who is here with you, and distressed him with your crying and asking, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?” ‘ ”

I believe the “meat” in this passage is actually a symbolic reference to the things of the world, because the people at that time were crying to go back to Egypt. So this speaks of wanting the things of the world.


John Wesley’s Explanitory Notes on the Bible

Numbers 11:20
At your nostrils – Which meat violently vomited up frequently doth. Thus God destroys them by granting their desires, and turns even their blessings into curses. Ye have despised the Lord – You have lightly esteemed his bounty and manifold blessings, you have slighted and distrusted his promises and providence after so long and large experience of it. Who is among you – Who is present and resident with you to observe all your carriage, and to punish your offences. This is added as a great aggravation of the crime, to sin in the presence of the Judge. Why came we forth out of Egypt? – Why did God do us such an injury? Why did we so foolishly obey him in coming forth?

Isa 3:9 Their very look witnesses against them! They parade their sin, like S’dom; they don’t even try to hide it — all the worse for them! — they bring evil on themselves.
Isa 3:10 Say that it will go well with the righteous, that they will enjoy the fruit of their actions;
Isa 3:11 but woe to the wicked, it will go badly with him; for what he has done will be done to him.

Isa 29:19 The humble will again rejoice in Adonai and the poor exult in the Holy One of Isra’el,
Isa 29:20 for the tyrant is now nothing, the scoffer is finished, and all alert to do evil are cut off —
Isa 29:21 those whose words make a man out to be a sinner, those who set traps for the arbitrator at the city gate, and those who groundlessly deny justice to the one in the right.
Isa 29:22 Therefore, here are the words of Adonai, who redeemed Avraham, concerning the house of Ya`akov: “Ya`akov will no longer be ashamed, no longer will his face grow pale.
Isa 29:23 When his descendants see the work of my hands among them, they will consecrate my name. Yes, they will consecrate the Holy one of Ya`akov and stand in awe of the God of Isra’el.
Isa 29:24 Those whose spirits stray will come to understand, and those who complain will learn their lesson.