Homosexuality and Jesus: How He Sees It (with Audio)

1Co 6:9-11 (CJB) Don’t you know that unrighteous people will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t delude yourselves — people who engage in sex before marriage, who worship idols, who engage in sex after marriage with someone other than their spouse, who engage in active or passive homosexuality, who steal, who are greedy, who get drunk, who assail people with contemptuous language, who rob — none of them will share in the Kingdom of God.

Some of you used to do these things. But you have cleansed yourselves, you have been set apart for God, you have come to be counted righteous through the power of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah and the Spirit of our God.

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Jan 27, 2013 One dream and a vision.

I woke up from a dream just a few minutes ago about cross-dressing and homosexuality. Since I had a dream that included lesbianism and male homosexuality, I’m just going to speak on both issues and just use one term. So I’m not going to jump back and forth between the male/female roles, but rather simply define all of the behavior as: Homosexuality.

And so the first thing I want to say is that Scripture and our Heavenly Father calls out homosexuality and cross-dressing as abominations in His sight. And the reason for that is because it works against the Spirit of Salvation, bringing souls into the Kingdom. The purpose of a man’s body and a woman’s body is to be joined and unified as one so they can bring forth fruit, children, raise them in the knowledge of the Lord and of Yeshua Jesus, dedicate those children to the Lord, bring up families that belong to Jesus.

pregnancy couple

That is the purpose of the coupling between a husband and wife, a man and a woman. Homosexuality works against the Spirit of Salvation, so that’s the first thing.

The second thing I want to say is that I understand and I know that people become homosexual because of deep rooted neglect and abandonment issues, they are emotional issues, they don’t receive the attention that they need in a crucial time period in their life when they are children. Many of these children have been sexually abused by the very people who were meant to care for them, and it prevents them from being able to choose wisely about their identity, and the Enemy comes in like a flood, and puts them into this kind of spiritual bondage.

When I see a homosexual or cross-dresser, I see someone who is in severe emotional pain, and they don’t know it. Perhaps at one time they knew, they knew that they were struggling with something, but at some point, they lose hope and they embrace the lifestyle fully, making the “best of their lives” that they can make. The Lord wants to set homosexuals free from that bondage, which can lead to all sorts of other things.


If you are a homosexual and you are reading this blog entry, or you’re listening to the audio, I want to say that Jesus wants to set you free. He wants to set you free, He’s looking at you, at your heart, at your soul. He paid a tremendous price to bring you into the Kingdom. You have to repent from your lifestyle and turn away from it. Turn away from everything if you want to Love Jesus.

If you’re whole world is only homosexuality and you only know people like that, you have to remember the words of Jesus. He said, if you love ANYTHING more than you love Me, you are not worthy of the Kingdom. He said it to all of us. To me, and to everyone else in the world. If we love anything more than Jesus, than Yeshua, we are not worthy of Him and we are not worthy of the Kingdom. So we can’t fool ourselves into thinking that we can have both.

We can’t live a life that is contrary to the teachings in Scripture and also live for Jesus. We can’t serve two masters. If you want to serve Jesus, you have to repent from your lifestyle, you have to get rid of it in your life, ALL OF IT, and start fresh and start clean.

pack your bags

You have to be willing to admit and accept that you have suffered severe emotional stress that has caused you to walk in a different path than the one that has been ordained for you.

Jesus can help you. You have to cry out to Him, you have to cry out to Him! He can make a way for you. Hold on to Him.

There’s a difference between brotherly/sisterly love and Homosexuality. Don’t confuse the two, because they aren’t the same. Be willing to accept and admit that you are wrong.

I know and I understand that homosexuality carries with it a huge pride issue. Pride separates us from the Heart of God. You have to be willing to admit that you are wrong. You have to be willing to humble yourself in His Sight.

The Lord can heal you from your wounds and take away your shame. You don’t have to cover it up with flamboyant behavior, or with inappropriate affections towards a same sex partner. Because all of that is based on a lie – All of it is – That is not who you are truly meant to be.

You are meant to be sons and daughters of the living God, of the King of kings. Sons and daughters, walking in Truth; it is a Royal position that you have been called to. Your destiny is so much greater than what you are living right now.

children of God

The Lord can heal your wounds, He can heal the shame that you are carrying, that you are trying to cover up with the lifestyle, with the clothing, with the parties. He knows your pain intimately. He knows you are hurting, but you can’t cover up shame with more shame. That would be like adding insult to injury. You have to be willing to come to a place where you can admit you are wrong, that you’ve made the wrong choice and gone down the wrong path.

If you are a son or a daughter and you are struggling with Homosexuality and Lesbianism, Yeshua wants to set you free from all of that, Jesus wants to set you free. Let Him flood you with His Love. Let Him release you from the prison and the perversion of homosexuality.

Don’t be afraid. Your whole life will change, that’s true….but it will change for the better. It will change for the Best. It won’t be easy at first, but each day, each day you draw closer to the Lord, in His Truth, and in His Way, walking in His Will according to His Precepts, each day it will become just a little bit easier to step away from the lifestyle and embrace the Truth.

The Lord showed me a vision regarding homosexuality and how He sees it. What I saw was a small child, standing near the ocean, next to big boulders and rocks that are meant for the breakers. The child was holding a small stuff animal, and a large car came and ran it over, I saw the child underneath the wheel. That is how He sees homosexuality, and what has happened to His sons and his daughters.

stuffed animal smashed

The word He gave me for this vision is CIRCUIT BREAKER. When He gave me that vision, I just wept.

Open your heart to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you, to wash you of the lifestyle, to wash you clean, and make you whole. The Love that Jesus offers is greater than ANY love that you and I have ever known.

Turn away, repent, turn away from all of it, RUN – RUN AWAY from all of it – -and give your heart and life over to Jesus. Ask Him to remove you from all of that, so that you can be clean and free in Him.

The Lord knows what to do. He knows what to do. He knows how to handle it. Give your lives over to Him, let Him govern you and watch Him do the most wonderful miracle in your life. Things that you can’t even possibly begin to image right now.

I’m attaching a Prayer of Repentance to this blog entry. Just click the link below and pray that prayer, pray that prayer with me: http://wp.me/P2CV0l-1cM

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13 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Jesus: How He Sees It (with Audio)

  1. Thanks so much—I know someone that needs this—and I have been praying for this family—-Shalom

  2. Hi Selena. I put this one on my Facebook The recorded one. It is a great message for a couple of my “friends” on there who I am not sure why they are there, but the grace of God. I am praying for them that he will change their lifestyle. Thank you sis.

  3. Very accurate about the root causes. Good writing and good messages. Thank you for your faithful work….Not to pick on Pastors, but there are Mega-Church Pastors out there who openly say they have “friends” who are homosexual, and “it is not my place to judge them”! WHAT!!!…Thank you for your clear truths.

  4. too much “acceptance” is being teach these days, and as people accept other brother’s and sister’s sexuality issues, they have become “normal”, now theres even a TV show called “the new normal” or something like that, trying to keep pushing this agenda to destroy manhood and womanhood to the point that we forget to be man and woman and make a circus out of the house of the holy spirit.

    • Smart comment. So True….the fact is Satan hates and has hated the “woman” since the beginning. He hates her so much that he pushes society into every depraved level imaginable from grotesque rapes of women, to perverting a man (male) to become, or feel like becoming (effiminate), a woman (female). In virtually every case images of Satan are shown as having male and female parts; an homogenized version of God’s creation is what he sells. Governments are pushing us to drop “male or female” or “husband or wife” descriptors on application forms; bisexuals can go to any bath room….(Go to you next Starbucks…it doesn’t say Men or Women individually…it says either can use either! The Bible spoke of these days….well, we are very much here! The tribulation isn’t coming…..we are in it!

      • Its pride. Pride keeps people from submitting. So they tell themselves they know whats right, and like the satanic bible preaches…If it feels good , do it.! And God forbid you insinuate they are on the wrong path!…

        Yeah I agree, those folks at Chic-fil-a are doing a great job. I am pro ‘chick’ too….beach time soon as the snow clears!….(er, I mean pro “wife-chick”, in case she gets the wrong idea )

  5. This is an amazing revelation. I will be sharing sister. Very powerful. Thank you! May the truth set them free!

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