Jan 27, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Open My Mouth

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Jan 27, 2013 Track 9

The Lord’s been ministering to me, He gave me another dream. He’s basically encouraging me to speak for Him. He wants to open my mouth.

The dream was interesting, what I saw was, I was talking with my son about the things that the Lord has given me. And as I was talking, I was unpacking a box, in the dream, I was moving things around, organizing, things like that.

new life unpacking

When I picked up the box, and started looking through it, I felt a sharp sting in my finger. And what I saw when I looked at it, was it looked like a sliver and I began pulling on it, but it didn’t really want to come out quite readily. It was like deeply embedded in my skin, the way slivers usually are, and I finally was able to work it out, and I showed it to him I said, Look, see this sliver? See that little piece of wood?

And the interesting thing was that it was shaped like a nail. I pulled out the wood sliver, but out along with it, came a metal sliver that also was in the shape of a nail.

So I thought that was an interesting symbolism. There’s a message behind that for me.

(time lapse)

Ok, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me understand this dream. And He said, SLEEPING INSIDE OF YOU. And I asked the question, What is sleeping inside of me? And He said, THE JUDGMENT CALL.

So basically what the Lord is saying is that I am in the time period of my life where I’m waking up to my destiny, my true calling in Him, which is Judgment.

Judgment Prophetess

Judgment Prophetess.

You are faithful Lord. YHVH Yeshua, You are faithful. I give you all the praise, glory and honor for putting Your words in my mouth. Open my mouth Oh Lord, that I might speak your Truth. Open my mouth Father. I’m here to serve You – I’m here to serve You and You alone. May the Name of YHVH Yeshua be praised for ever more.

Jan 27, 2013 Track 10

Just as I was about to put my Notecorder away, the Lord gave me a confirming word. He said,


Scriptural Reference:

Complete Jewish Bible Translation

Eze 33:22 Now the hand of Adonai had been on me that evening, before the fugitive arrived — he had opened my mouth prior to his coming to me in the morning, so my mouth was open, and I was no longer mute.

Psa 51:15 (51:17) Adonai, open my lips; then my mouth will praise you.

Psa 119:131 My mouth is wide open, as I pant with longing for your mitzvot.

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