Old Dream about New Alien Arrivals (see attached videos)

I did a video a year ago about what I was shown… Yesterday, I saw two commercials on youtube that looked exactly like what I was shown. These “imaginary friends” are demonic fallen angels and they are being symbolically portrayed as stuffed animals, and the targets are children. Have you seen this toy? The Lord has given me a word about them, He said: ANGRY BIRDS, THEY ARE COMING. (Rev 12:12)

angry birds

This is my video, uploaded on Jan 5, 2012:

See commericial dated Jan 25, 2013:

See commercial dated Jan 20, 2013:


9 thoughts on “Old Dream about New Alien Arrivals (see attached videos)

  1. Yes—Selina-the enemy is trying to attack our children inside and out—-if it’s not with television ad video games—it’s these predators snatching them away from us in broad daylight—I was told to bind the enemy daily 3-4x a day and place the restraining orders of Yahweh Holy Spirit around my families, ministry friends, and youtube watchmen—-we can’t afford to be lazy and not watch and pray——thanks so much for sharing—Shalom

  2. This reminds me of Pokemon. 27ish years when my 1st born was little I wouldn’t let him have anything pokemon because it seemed demonic to me. Now, after all those years, I let my 6th boy play pokemon. Please ask the Lord for more information Selina! I will be praying about this too. If this is specifically against the children I’d sure like more info!!

  3. I have remembered that Anna, aej777, had visions about what she called raptors attacking. And in one of my dreams there were 2 jets fighting only as they came closer together the back jet extended claws, like an eagle, and grabbed the jet with claws. Could be the birds you are warning about!! Strange times are ahead. Fear is my/our worst enemy! It can cause us to lose sight of faith!! Blessings to you!

  4. Have you ever heard of the kids toy called Ferbie. Its rumored of having face recognize technology. has artificial intelligence and totally look like angry bird.

    • I have heard of them, yes. I always thought they looked like those creatures from that movie Gremlins. Maybe they are the same thing…who knows. Thank you for visiting my Online Dream Diary. God bless. =)

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