Feb 4, 2013 (Audio) Spiritual Wickedness Encourages Disobedience

Luk 9:38-41 (CJB) Suddenly a man in the crowd shouted, “Rabbi! Look at my son, I beg you, because he’s my only child! What happens is this: a spirit seizes him, and suddenly it lets out a shriek and throws him into convulsions with foaming at the mouth; and only with difficulty will it leave him. It’s destroying him! I asked your talmidim to drive the spirit out, but they couldn’t.” “Perverted people, without any trust!” Yeshua answered, “How long do I have to be with you and put up with you?…

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Ok, yesterday I had two dreams about the disobedient (See link: http://wp.me/p2CV0l-29D ), both of them had to do with not listening to the Call and the Voice of the Holy Spirit, both of them were doing their own thing, arguing, and focusing on self.

In the first dream, the woman, all she wanted to do was talk about herself, her life, her fun, her things, the things that she enjoys.

la la la cant hear you - Dreamscapes

In the second dream, it was a man who wanted to participate in the harvest of God’s people, but He wanted to do it His own way, and the Holy Spirit was trying to teach him and warn him, but he refused to listen.

In both dreams, the Spirit of the Lord became extremely angry and frustrated. Our Lord is longsuffering but He still feels frustration and that is evidenced by Yeshua, when He walked on the earth, He became very frustrated when people would not listen and when they would not heed the call. He was sometimes downright exasperated.

In the second dream, I was shown a picture frame, and inside the picture frame there were sunflowers. Now based on the Christmas dreams that I’ve had and what the Lord had revealed to me about human sacrifice happening on Christmas, during Christmas time (See link: http://wp.me/p2CV0l-1NX ), I understand that to be a reference to the same topic and the same issue.

So the spirit of witchcraft, the spirit of wickedness, the spirit of murder, plays a part in encouraging the disobedient to continue in their disobedience. That is the understanding that I received with regard to the second dream.

P.S. My role in the dreams is purely symbolic, meaning I’m not calling myself “The Holy Spirit.” I am being shown something, and being walked through the events of the dream. I need to repent every day, just like everyone else.

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  1. Hi, I read your prophecy that you posted about spiritual wickedness. Our church family has been seeing judgments coming to the wicked if they don’t repent. Would you be willing to share this with our live video streaming revival audience as soon as you would like? We are seeing a lot of visions of the end-time judgments that are coming.

    We have a team of 6 prophetic trainees that are all seeing prophetic visions about the love of God and the end-times.

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    Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you

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