Feb 5, 2013 (Audio) Word: Men of Judah: Bible Studies

Luk 11:30 For just as Yonah became a sign to the people of Ninveh, so will the Son of Man be for this generation.
Luk 11:31 The Queen of the South will appear at the Judgment with the people of this generation and condemn them; for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Shlomo, and what is here now is greater than Shlomo.
Luk 11:32 The people of Ninveh will stand up at the Judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they turned to God from their sins when Yonah preached, and what is here now is greater than Yonah.

See also, Ministry of the Prophet: http://www.slm.org/prophetc/articles/prophet.html

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The Lord just gave me a word. He said, AND THAT WAS THE VISION. So I’m going to wait on Him and ask Him where He wants to lead me with this word.

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Queen South - Dreamscapes

The Lord gave me a vision of a large caravan, like from ancient times, and the understanding I received was that it was in direct relation to the Queen of Sheba.

Then the Lord spoke these words, He said, SHE TRAVELED FOR MONTHS!

And then the Lord gave me this word, He said, YOU ARE.


The Lord gave me another word He said, OUR LOVE IS INTENSE.

Scriptural Reference:

Complete Jewish Bible Version

2Ch 9:1 When the queen of Sh’va heard what was being said about Shlomo, she came to test him with difficult questions in Yerushalayim, accompanied by a very great retinue, including camels bearing spices and gold in abundance, and precious stones. When she appeared before Shlomo, she spoke with him about everything on her heart;
2Ch 9:2 and Shlomo answered all her questions; nothing was hidden from the king that he could not explain to her.
2Ch 9:3 After the queen of Sh’va had seen Shlomo’s wisdom, the palace he had built,
2Ch 9:4 the food at his table, the manner of seating his officials, the manner in which his staff served him and how they were dressed, his personal servants and how they were dressed, and his manner of going up to the house of Adonai, it left her breathless.
2Ch 9:5 She said to the king, “What I heard in my own country about your deeds and your wisdom is true,
2Ch 9:6 but I couldn’t believe the report until I came and saw for myself. Actually, they didn’t tell me even half of how great your wisdom is. In reality, you surpass the reports I heard.
2Ch 9:7 How happy your people must be, how happy these servants of yours who are always here attending you and get to hear your wisdom!
2Ch 9:8 Blessed be Adonai your God, who took pleasure in you to put you on his throne, so that you could be king for Adonai your God. Because of your God’s love for Isra’el, to establish them forever, he has made you king over them, to administer law and judgment.”
2Ch 9:9 Then she gave the king four tons of gold, spices in great abundance, and precious stones; there had never been spices like those the queen of Sh’va gave to King Shlomo.
2Ch 9:10 Huram’s servants and Shlomo’s servants, who had brought the gold from Ofir, now brought sandalwood and precious stones.
2Ch 9:11 The king used the sandalwood to make walkways for the house of Adonai and for the royal palace, also lyres and lutes for the singers. None like these had been seen before in the land of Y’hudah.
2Ch 9:12 King Shlomo gave the queen of Sh’va everything she wanted, whatever she asked, more than what she had brought to the king. After this, she returned and went back to her own country, she and her servants.