Feb 6, 2013 (Audio) Stern Warning: Blasphemous Thoughts

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The Lord is bringing up the issue of the “thoughts in our minds” I would like Him to minister to me about this so that I can share.

Ok, the Lord YHVH Yeshua, our King, our God, He says that the Enemy places thoughts in our minds that are not our own. He says we battle three things:

1. The world
2. The flesh
3. The Devil

THE WAR IS CONSTANT, the Lord says. We have to daily, purpose it in our heart to put away the flesh, we replace the thoughts with Scripture. That’s how we cast down vain imaginations.

crown of thorns

It’s a renewing of our minds that we have to do, transforming our mind into the Mind of Christ through Scripture.

We pray without ceasing! The Lord says, we PRAY THROUGH EVERY ACTIVITY. Secret prayers in our hearts, remaining in constant communication with Him. We pray the prayers in the secret chambers of our heart, when we are not doing something that requires our full attention, like driving, We should be in prayer; but the Lord says, if you can talk on the phone when you drive, then you can talk to Him, if you can listen to the radio you can listen to Him.

When Yeshua walked the earth, He was in constant communication with the Father. He says MY PRAYERS NEVER CEASED. He says, THE FATHER IS ALWAYS THERE WAITING TO RECEIVE OUR PRAYERS.


He wants us casting down vain imaginations. He allows those things in our lives to help us to draw closer to Him, not to give up. He has paid the price for all sin!

He says that BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS REJECTING THE SPIRIT OF GOD, rejecting His Salvation. Open your hearts to Jesus. Believe on His promises, believe on His Word, believe that Jesus is who He says He is, and that He can carry us through everything. Believe that He said IT IS FINISHED, the Work is Complete.

Believe, only believe, believe believe…Believe in Jesus.


I’m going to read the Scriptural Reference to you, this being read from the Complete Jewish Bible. What I will do is cite all the scriptures, then read them as one complete message.

2Co 10:4 – 5; 1Pe 4:1; Rom 15:6; 1Co 2:16; Eph 4:1-8:

We demolish arguments and every arrogance that raises itself up against the knowledge of God; we take every thought captive and make it obey the Messiah. Therefore, since the Messiah suffered physically, you too are to arm yourselves with the same attitude. For whoever has suffered physically is finished with sin, with the result that he lives the rest of his earthly life no longer controlled by human desires, but by God’s will, so that with one accord and with one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah. For who has known the mind of Adonai? Who will counsel him? But we have the mind of the Messiah!

Therefore I, the prisoner united with the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called. Always be humble, gentle and patient, bearing with one another in love, and making every effort to preserve the unity the Spirit gives through the binding power of shalom. There is one body and one Spirit, just as when you were called you were called to one hope. And there is one Lord, one trust, one immersion, and one God, the Father of all, who rules over all, works through all and is in all.

Each one of us, however, has been given grace to be measured by the Messiah’s bounty. This is why it says, “After he went up into the heights, he led captivity captive and he gave gifts to mankind.”

12 thoughts on “Feb 6, 2013 (Audio) Stern Warning: Blasphemous Thoughts

    • Sure, you can purchase the Complete Jewish Bible, by David H. Stern at most Christian bookstores. Online too. I downloaded mine into my computer, by using the E-Sword Bible Software.

      Go to: http://www.e-sword.net and then after downloading the free King James Version with Strong’s Concordance, Find the section where you can download other Bible versions. The Complete Jewish Bible is listed there, a nominal fee of $14.00 or so last time I checked.

      God bless you sister.

  1. Much witchcraft and many curses have been unleashed against us. I believe the “evil” thought, sayings are a result of the spells of the set against us.

    I too have been receiving psychic mental attacks – thoughts, demonic infiltrations – implantation’s within my mind. I always rebuke the thought and as you mentioned – reconnect to the Lord // Holy Spirit through prayer. I find the key is to separate yourself from the mental attacks – always remaining alert to that fact that it is not you helps to defeat the enemy’s attempt to disturb you, defile and corrupt your daily walk.

    Many of us are experiencing this attack. I find it most annoying and frustrating. Blessings sister! Thank you for this confirmation and the advice!

  2. The LORD our GOD is indeed one, as if this message was meant for me, I’ve been battling attacks on my mind the past two days, it was yesterday afternoon the LORD gave me understanding that I need to fight them with Scripture,these were not my thoughts but infiltrations from the enemy, I didn’t even realise it. Thanks dear sister, we really need to watch and pray without ceasing. Praise Yahuvah.

  3. Thankfully we know the tree by its fruit, as Eve did. Real fruit is a natural pill. Written fruit is a pill to be read and ingested that way. The Word nests in us. Yahweh’s birds build their nests in the branches of a tree. From the nest the fledgling bird learns its flight.

    Psalm 55 is the holy spirit calling to God from inside us on our behalf. Psalm 56 is to the silent dove on those far away in the future, a fugitive from God calling from inside us through Jesus Christ to God asking to bring Jesus’ tears to the dust inhabited by the dove. The body is God’s skin bottle. The holy spirit is from God, so what can earthling man, the surrounding body, do to it to deny God’s authority? There is the healing power of God that casts out all demons. Thank you, Jesus. You take our place in the flood meant for us.

  4. Here is an example I found of the attempt to steer us away from a clear understanding of spiritual truth in the Bible and to create mystery. This attempt is a wordy “explanation” of Psalm 56. I don’t mean to clutter your site, Selena. I just wanted to point out an obvious, maybe intended, attempt at confusion.

    TITLE. To the Chief Musician. That mighty minstrel by degrees acquired a noble repertoire of hallowed songs, and set them all to music. Upon Jonathelemrechokim—this was probably the title of the tune, as we should say Old Hundred, or Sicilian Mariners. Perhaps the title may however belong to the Psalm, and if so it is instructive, for it has been translated “the silent dove in distant places.” We have here the songs of God’s servant, who rejoices once more to return from banishment, and to leave those dangerous places where he was compelled to hold his peace even from good. There is such deep spiritual knowledge in this Psalm that we might say of it, “Blessed art thou David Barjonas, for flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto thee.” When David plays the Jonah he is not like the prophet of that name; in David the love of the dove predominates, but in Jonah its moaning and complaining are most notable. Michtam of David. This is the second golden Psalm, we had the first in Psalm 16, to which this Psalm has a great likeness, especially in its close, for it ends in the joyful presence. A golden mystery, the gracious secret of the life of faith is in both these Psalms most sweetly unveiled, and a pillar is set up because of God’s truth. When the Philistines took him in Gath. He was like a dove in strangers’ hands, and on his escape he records his gratitude.
    DIVISION. In Ps 56:1-2, he pours out his complaint; in Ps 56:3-4 he declares his confidence in God; in Ps 56:5-6 he returns to his complaining, but pleads in earnest hope in Ps 56:7-9, and sings a grateful song from Ps 56:10 to the close.

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