Feb 21, 2013 (Audio) The Golden Arches, A Warning

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This is kind of an unusual vision and word, but the Lord just gave me a warning about McDonald’s. He showed me the Golden Arches and then He said, MCBATHROOM. He gave me a vision of a toilet and then He said, MCTOILET.

I honestly don’t think He wants His People eating there. I go there sometimes because they have a Playplace for the children that I take care of, so I take the children there to play. But aside from the coffee, we order the oatmeal with the fruit and the nuts. The children love it – so do I actually…

But I’m wondering if He’s referring more to the actual burger and fries fare that they have there. I’m going to pray and just wait a moment, and see if Yeshua gives me anything else about this.

(time lapse)

Yes, the Lord did give me a word, He said,


Scriptural Reference:

Dan 1:8 But Dani’el resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food or the wine he drank, so he asked the chief officer to be excused from defiling himself.

Dan 1:12 “Please! Try an experiment on your servants — for ten days have them give us only vegetables to eat and water to drink.
Dan 1:13 Then see how we look, and compare us with how the boys who eat the king’s food look; and deal with your servants according to what you see.”
Dan 1:14 He agreed to do what they had asked and gave them a ten-day test.
Dan 1:15 At the end of ten days they looked better and more robust than all the boys who were eating the king’s food.
Dan 1:16 So the guard took away their food and the wine they were supposed to drink, and gave them vegetables.

Dan 1:17 To these four boys God had given knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning and wisdom; moreover, Dani’el could understand all kinds of visions and dreams.

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  1. I stopped eating there cuz I saw a documentary on how they make their mc nuggets. Nasty! They use the parts of the chicken you wouldn’t normally eat and grind them, bleach them white then form them into nuggets to look like the white meat of a chicken when its not. They use to much preserves that a burger n fries took 3 months before any sign of molding. The food it NOT healthy.

  2. Okay I am not sure that any of this is true or not. But there is a Rabbi named Finkelstein in New York that is extremely outspoken and not good at all for the Jewish people as a whole that is for sure. He claims that child sacrifces take place and they use the bodys of the children ground up and sell them to McDonalds. I know it sounds crazy, I agree. But I also know we live in a very weird dark world. So when I saw this post that immediatelt came to my mind. You can look up his name and find the interview in which he says all of this. Its weird for sure.

  3. i think all of this industrialized food is just the food of the “world”, as bad as the body as the rest of the things of the world. We are to eat the things that god gives us, whole, nutritious foods.

  4. Confirmation & courage gained.
    A sister had a dream where she saw me carry an Atom Bomb into a McDonalds Restaurant & blow it up – big old mushroom cloud and commotion.
    Since I believe I am to “turn the other cheek” & never injure His children, this puzzled me for years. When I pondered the dream, I heard the words, ‘fast food’ and ‘mighty spiritual power.’

    There are no shortcuts to building a relationship with Jesus, Our King & Saviour – He wants the real thing from those who seek Him & not just pleasant words at our convenience. My door to speak out on this was opened late yesterday with more understanding coming this morning so this really speaks to my heart. God Bless You.

    • Wow that is an amazing dream. I think that speaks to the fierce anger of our Lord, because of how corrupt the system is with the poisoning of the food and all. I pray over my food, sometimes even before it leaves the grocery store. I know the Lord blesses when we seek his protection.

      God bless, thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  5. There is a connection from those lines in Daniel 1 to those found in Revelation 2

    Rev. 2:10-11 Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who conquers shall not be hurt by the second death.’

  6. I had no clue that was even an issue talked about in the book of Daniel, or anywhere in the Bible, really. I’m still reading the Bible as a whole, but wow. And this revelation you received confirms what the Lord had showed me early on about McDonalds. I’ve learned a lot of gross stuff about their foods, especially the burger and fries. I used to eat there all the time before I was saved. After that, the Lord turned me away from that place completely.

    • Yes, I agree with you. I did too, about 15 years ago I stopped eating there completely, but recently, since I take the children there to play on rainy days, I have been getting the coffee and the oatmeal, I figured that was safe. I hope so anyway!! Maybe I will try to find another indoor play place somewhere…

      God bless you!

  7. okay, i’m bummed. there is no other sandwich like a quarter pounder and mcdonalds fries. i’m just plain bummed 😦

    • I’m sorry. But…you could make your own burgers, I do that at home a few times a month. I love hamburgers, and I make my own “special sauce” = it’s really easy, some mayo, mustard, ketchup and relish all mixed together is really all it is.

  8. Thank you sister again for your blogs. This is a total confirmation for me. Have you heard of the Daniel Fast?? I know some people do it at the beginning of the a new year. I wasn’t able then. I did do the fast at the end of Jan and part of February. If you haven’t heard of it look it up. It’s basically only eating Vegetables, Fruits, and no meat, no sugar, no caffeine, no diary, no chemically modified anything, nothing fried, no oils (except plant based ie olive oil, sunflower oil etc), no GMOs (genetically modified organism, ALOT of plants are GMO now because its cheaper, faster, bigger produce which also means more companies use them), only water to drink and only plants or plant based food. The fast is based directly on the scripture you quoted in this post. Everyone who does the fast says its brings them closer to the Lord because you are purifying your body of the chemicals, and substances that are man made that God didn’t intend for us to eat.Cleaning out your body of wastes to better hear his voice. All completely natural. I did the fast for 11 days. You can do it for however long God directs you. It was very challenging to find and prepare meals for the fast. Even the items in the organic section of the store or items in the all organic store all had chemicals and modified things I couldn’t pronounce!! So basically if there is something you can’t spell or say you can’t eat it lol. I was so surprised. There are literally hundreds of things that say “all natural” or “all organic” on the front but when you look at the ingredient list, the one place the manufacturers can’t lie, it has all these things listed that are not natural or organic!! It was a HUGE eye opener for me. It was an amazing experience though. I have never felt healthier or closer to the Lord. The vast majority of my health issues ceased to exist during the fast. It was alot harder for my husband who is a huge meat eater. I’ve felt like God was telling me to do this full time and over the past few weeks God has completely taken away my cravings for meet. If my husband cooks and its there I will eat it. But I don’t want it and I don’t crave it. I have only been wanting veggies and fruit just like the fast. So your post was a confirmation that yes this is what is God telling me. Bless you sister!!

    • Beautiful Testimony!! I love your obedience to the Daniel Fast, yes I have heard of it, and honestly, I have been considering doing it, even just this morning I woke up with the Daniel Fast on my mind. I love veggies, it wouldn’t be any big thing for me to do a Daniel fast, but I do love meat too. I think meat is an important component to our overall health, but truly everything in moderation.

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me! =)
      God bless you and your husband.

      • hi there. im not sure about meat. god put the people of israel on a manna diet for the time they were wandering in the desert and i think they were all just fine. this food topic is a very interesting one because here you can see how much the enemy has accomplished to damage god’s creation (us), from causing any sort of unheard-before illness to completely genetically modifying our foods to making people literally live for this stuff, and when i said that, i mean this whole “foodie” scene. seriously? now people has one more thing to make an idol of and that is food, these so called foodies have made food their god, they work, live, and do everything to try the new chef in town. is just absurd! but hey, they enemy is pretty clever. if you love it, think about it, are you making it an idol?

      • Interesting viewpoint, thank you for sharing it. I do recall that quails were also sent so the people were eating poultry too. I do agree that at least to some degree, the food has been poisoned. I pray over my food, sometimes even before I walk out of the grocery store. The Lord has ministered to me about the importance of always ask Abba to bless and cleanse the food I eat.

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