Mar 1, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Bikers and the Ballgown

The Devil and his “Hell’s Angels” are completely under the control of God in every respect. Their ultimate end in the lake of fire proves this, Rev 20:10.

Jud 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

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Ok, I had another dream. In the dream, I was driving on a road, that is near an Indian Reservation. It was a back road. And I had to get on the main road. In order to do that, I had to take this sharp turn and cross a bridge, go over the bridge. There was this cluster of buildings that have been there forever, and they have been renovated and what not, and there is this old, Pawn shop there. So in the dream, I was going to go to the Pawn shop. I parked my car and I walked out on the old fashioned wood boardwalk. It was, very strange… There were shops there, but they weren’t anything like what I remember them to be. There were people there, that – to be honest, the best way to describe them would be like biker people. The area didn’t, I’ve never known that area to be visited or frequented by bikers, but they were there, in the dream, they were there.

I peeked inside each of the doors looking for the Pawn shop, because I couldn’t find it for some reason, it wasn’t easily distinguishable for me to just walk up to the door. I had to look at each door, and when I did, the rooms seemed to be empty (unfurnished), but they were all mulling around with people.

Everything was in wood, so it almost had the appearance of being the Wild West in a way…

Bikers and the Ball Gown - Dreamscapes

I went to the door of the Pawn shop. And I noticed when I went through that door, I noticed that I was dressed to the 9’s. I was dressed extremely elegantly, very out of place, very out of place.

And the people that were there seemed to not notice me. I remember thinking if anyone of these men take notice of me, they will want ownership of me. And those were the words I used…that’s not a phrase I would ordinarily use, I only say that with regard to our Father. You know…. The Lord paying the price for us, we don’t own ourselves, we are owned by Him. But in the dream, I used that phrase, If anyone sees me they will want to take ownership of me.

So, I’m going to pray and ask YHVH Yeshua to help me with this dream.

(time lapse)

Oh, that’s interesting, I believe what the Lord is revealing to me is a Prison. A Spiritual Prison. Different compartments of a Spiritual Prison. That is the reference to the reservation. And also the Biker people who were inside the prison. The river that I had to cross is the river Euridanus, so I’m being shown a Spiritual Prison. Huh, that’s interesting. Ok, I’m going to continue waiting on the Lord.
Ok…I asked the Lord, What is the purpose of showing me this prison? The Lord said, Not all of them will be set free. So, I did notice that they were mulling around doing nothing. They weren’t preparing to go anywhere.

In the other spiritual prisons, I have witnessed battles, I have witnessed a demon trying to escape, which was the Venus spirit, and she did escape with the help of Illuminati ritual that took place in 2012 (See video entitled Sounding the Alarm on Venus: ). And, I’ve seen the Abyss and what the demons were doing to prepare to leave.

So what the Lord is revealing to me is that not all of the demons who were imprisoned will be released, some of them will remain (in their prison). So, I believe that’s all for this dream.

Thank You, YHVH Yeshua, Your plan and Your wisdom are Infinite. And I will simply trust in You, I know that You have it all under control. Amen.

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  1. Electsister777, I’m just in awe how much confirmation I’m getting through this blog. As I read this post I got a flashback on a dream I had long, long ago where a big hairy demon pinned “auctioned” or “sold” on me (I have to go back and find the right word). The demon was claiming ownership of me. Just like my comment on “The Shepherd Leopard,” this is another “avoid prayer” that I believe many will need to start praying during these end times to proclaim that they are owned by the Lord Jesus Christ and not by demons. Demonic manifestation will increase and they will assume they have the right to “own” and enslave anyone. At the time of this dream I was receiving demonic dreams on a regular basis. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I received a major revelation on why I experienced a lot of the torment and demonic manifestations. With this revelation the Lord Jesus Christ also mentioned your blog to me a few times. Apparently I’m supposed to warn people that they must pray against dreams from the enemy if they don’t want to fall into deception and experience crazy demonic manifestations during these end times (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12), and teach them how to avoid them. A few of your blog posts have helped me tremendously on this. Now, I just need to be obedient in everything He’s calling me to do. Thank you for your obedience and sacrifice. You truly are a faithful servant.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It’s a wonderful blessing to know that you are able to find confirmations for the things our Lord is showing you.

      God bless you on your journey! =)

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