Mar 3, 2013 (Audio) Dream: To Me you are only Holy

Son 4:7 Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.

Please also listen to the Keith Green song, attached to this Diary entry.

4 mins

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I fell asleep and had another dream! In this dream I was talking to Yeshua. And I said to Him, Am I difficult to deal with?

His hands on my face

And He put his hands on my face, and He sang a song. He said,

When I hear the praises start, I want to rain upon you, blessings that will fill your heart, I see no stain on you, because you are My child, and you know Me, to Me your only holy, nothing that you’ve done will remain, only what you do for Me!

He sang that song! (sobbing) Thank you Lord…..

It’s an old Keith Green song… (sobbing)

Thank you, thank you, I love you, I love you.

I love you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Father. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Mar 3, 2013 (Audio) Dream: To Me you are only Holy

  1. im v emotional – love Keith green – thanking Jesus for you daily – growing learning healing being restored –
    wish you lived next door…we could share a coffee n sing harmonious Keith n melody green songs….or maybe Matthew Ward n Annie n Nellie …
    He’s protected me n He Alone kept me alive t very breath of t life He gave me upon conception He Alone has – in His Mercy n Love seen fit to maintain. praise You Father. You Alone are Worthy to be given Glory n Honor n Power Forever. i humble myself b4 You. thank You Lord for this precious servant whose been obedient in delivering Your Warnings thru Your Word.

    I am More than a Conqueror Thru Christ Who Strengthens me.

    im unable to edit this as my cell is unstable — im unsure if this is a public post or to you personally –
    plz pray my 16 ye old daughter comes out of cali…….

    I’ve many children all grown.

    • God bless you, your message is received here on my Online Dream Diary, and well received in my heart. I praise Abba for your love and dedication to Yeshua, and yes – I will pray for your daughter as well. =)

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