Dream: Russian Invasion, Fire from Canada (with Audio)

Hos 8:14 For Israel hath forgotten his Maker, and buildeth temples; and Judah hath multiplied fenced cities: but I will send a fire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof.

* Read all of Hosea Ch 8 (reasons given, falling away from true worship, calf/idolatry)
* Israel and Judah are references to The People of God.

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Years ago, years and years ago, in the 1990’s I had a very, very powerful dream, which actually scared me. Back then I didn’t understand my dreams the way I do today and I didn’t understand that I needed to pray on them and take them before the Lord. And so what happened was I had this dream where I was shown a map of the United States, and I was taken up into the sky to see the map, so I saw this from the sky, I saw it happening.

fire from canada - dreamscapes

What I saw, was a massive raging fire, coming from Canada and entering across the border and it entered into the United States. A massive, massive torrential fire, and it traveled down, all the way down to about the halfway point of the United States. And I understood that people were dying, a lot of people were dying.

I was shown Russians, and they had papers, they had documents, they had bank accounts, contracts, I saw signatures, I saw even wires. It was handed to me in the dream so that I could look at it, and this is what I saw. Diplomas, certificates, all sorts of official looking papers.

And as I was looking at the documents, the Russian men were looking at me. They were looking at me with Purpose and with Hate. That’s what I saw, sensed, and felt in the dream. And then the dream ended.

I had that dream years ago, in my 20s, and I remember calling up my family and telling them, Something terrible is going to happen!, and they were like, Why what do you mean? And I explained the dream.

I have shared this dream with quite a few people. I had the dream 20 years ago. I believe we are even closer now than we ever were to seeing those events taking place.

I’m going to pray on this dream. I never have actually prayed on the dream, so I’m going to do that right now and ask YHVH Yeshua to help me with it.

(time lapse)

The word the Lord gave me is IMMINENT.

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      • I would say that, behind the scenes that is true. Over the last year, there have been about a dozen Norad (publicized ones), Nato, Canadian and US based fighter scrambles that we know of…intercepting Russian military jets along the northern routes.

        In wartime of the pacific and eastern fronts, it was common to probe the response and reaction capabilities of the enemy prior to launching full scale assault, in order to tweak the battle plan. Normandy was over multipronged strike, well over a year in planning. Military strategist learn from history.

        Now with Russia and China full front page news….it isnt conjecture anymore….Why would DHS be securing 100’s millions in ammunition and riot vehicles?…I mean, we are at peace right? God help us, or atleast don’t delay the rapture!


  1. WOW–yes sad state we are in—I believe it—-time is so short—-and time to get ready—get ready—spiritual than anything–PASSOVER is coming in a few hours and so much is happening—let’s stay close to our master and king!

  2. Hi sis! This is so interesting! What do you think it means? Do you think the lord was trying to show you something catastrophic haappening in canadaa? I live in canada so thats wwhy i ask but i know you cant always eleborate because we only prophesi in part but let me know your thoughts or if yeshua has eleborted on what exactly is imminent! Have a blessed day sis ❤

    • Hello Nikki,

      Well, simply put, it means that the Russians are going to invade the U.S. and what I am being show is that they will come from the north, from Canada. I haven’t been shown what will transpire in Canada, so I can’t answer your question.

      God bless you sister.

  3. One practical approach is the Russians would launch missles (fire) directly over the pole….(over Canda) and rain down from the north US….? Canada, if utilized, would just be collateral damage in the event. Although these things are coming about as His judgements for gross sin, as God always done, he used the other evil nations to punish Israel for one reason…to drive it to repentance. Russia and China are both trying to nuetrilize the US influence, and specifically as relates to Israeli power brokering.

    • I agree. I don’t know a whole lot about politics, but I understand the situation more from the Biblical point of view, and also slightly from the military aspect. But mostly from the Biblical point of view, through Scripture is how I understand world events.

      God bless!

      • I liveinCanada (after 20 years in US) so I see both perpectivesvery clearly. John Paul Jackson has a good prophetic video describing in essence that Canadas position is only secured to the degree that she maintains the staunch defence and support of Israel that the current leadership is showing. God, as you know, is very honorable to his Word….both as to Judgement and to Mercy. Let therebe no misunderstanding…any impact on the United States will not go un impacted in Canada. So, in all manner may we all find a way to mitigate the coming lashes on our evil societies.
        Thank you for your dreams and postings. Very humbling.

  4. Selina, about twelve years ago I had a vision which, because it parallels your deam about a Russian invasion, I’ll post here. Sorry about such a long post; I have taken up so much space only because it’s important.

    On 1st January 2001 I was praying about the condition of England, which is clearly coming progressively under God’s judgment, when I received what I took to be a warning for the USA as well. This was a first for me because never before have I had anything from God about the USA, it not being my country and therefore not my responsibility. However I do have friends in America, and this may perhaps be the reason why God has spoken to me about the place.

    Pondering the judgments that are even now coming upon England (so clearly promised in Deuteronomy 28 & 29 to nations which turn their backs on God) I fell to wondering also about the USA; for the sins of Britain are evident also in America. Both nations have, since the war, been busily making legal things which God has called abomination to Him, so that I wondered how America could escape the judgments now being poured out on Britain. But what I saw next was far worse than anything I have seen for my own country.

    I saw in front of and below me the nation of China. I was looking down on the land from a position far above it, and from a direction which I have since identified as being approximately that of the Philippines. Hordes of Chinese soldiers swarmed together there in China like ants. They formed up initially down in the south-west of China, somewhere near the Vietnam border, and then began to move in one continuous surge northward and eastward, gathering numbers as they went. This vast army then drove northward through Siberia, across the Bering Strait, fanned out across Canada, and then spread down all across North America. What I was looking at was a vast, rapid, and almost total invasion of the whole North American continent. Each Chinese soldier carried an automatic rifle, and as the troops came swarming down through Canada they began gunning down the resident North American population. There was no effective resistance that I could see. The invaders moved quickly like a vast swarm of ants, just gunning down everyone in their path until they had covered the whole land mass of North America except for a belt along the southern coast (there seemed not to be quite enough of them to occupy all the southern states, which remained uncovered by the swarm). But the rest of the country was simply shot to death until the whole territory was occupied by the Chinese. There was nobody left to oppose them. In a matter of a few days the USA ceased to exist, and the land mass became part of China.

    That’s what I saw.

    Now at this point my faith baulked. The official size of the Chinese army is given as about two and a half million men and women, but the truth is that nobody in the West really knows the numbers for sure. I have seen estimates ranging up to two hundred million if one counts in the police, who are virtually an extension of the army anyway, being under a unified command and control structure. Certainly in my vision the number of invading Chinese was comparable with the number of indigenous Americans. My mind boggled at the logistics of getting 200 million troops across a sea passage like the Bering Strait quickly enough to constitute an effective invasion. When we evacuated our troops from Dunkirk at the start of WW2 it took a major national effort using everything that floated to move just 300,000 men: moving 200 million troops across an even wider expanse of water seemed to me to be out of the realms of possibility. I put the vision on hold.

    But… exactly twenty-four hours later BBC radio carried a news item about the Bering Straits: the go-ahead had been given for a rail tunnel under the sea, similar to the tunnel which has been built under the English Channel. The Editor of “Tunnel Times” was interviewed on the BBC programme and he was very emphatic about the Bering tunnel. “This is definitely going to happen” he said, and one could tell from the note of absolute certainty in his tone of voice that it was.

    Moving troops by rail is a very different proposition from moving them by ship. There is no embarking and disembarking, and if the operation were to be planned properly (which this one evidently was) trains could be run out and returned in an almost continuous non-stop movement. I have subsequently learnt that there is already now a large Chinese resident population in Alaska, and I have been told too that a pilot tunnel has already been built, though I am not certain about this. It would be helpful if somebody local to the area could provide corroboration.

    I saw no military or popular resistance to the invaders. However I want to make it clear that while I was watching it all happen I understood clearly that this thing was not yet fixed. What I was watching was what will happen unless God is entreated to turn away His wrath. God is now putting in place His preparations for the event, but there is still time for repentance and a turning-away of His wrath. However, thus far I see as little sign of that happening in America as there is here in England.

    Of course in order to reach the Bering Straits a Chinese army would have to have the co-operation of the Russians, and last week the new Chinese President visited the Kremlin and said afterwards that relations between the two countries had never been better. To Nikki I’d say “Ask the Lord to show you an escape route”.

    • Both China and Russia are also linked to the color red (fire) wondering if the fire was symbolic of color or was actual fire or even symbolic for the US under fire. There are actually a lot of prophecies that point to America being invaded by both the Chinese and Russians. Either way I pray that His protection and safety are over all of His true followers….in Yahshua’s mighty and wonderful name! Amen.

      • Certainly the Lord knows how to deliver the Godly out of temptations (e.g. Lot). But what I saw in vision was cataclysmic and left me in shock because I couldn’t see any survivors. I called a friend in Georgia who immediately went into denial about it.

        Selina’s word about darkness in Europe also rings very true. The EU officially “doesn’t do God”, and although there are true Christians to be found, we are a minority. The continent as a whole is largely in deep spiritual darkness.

        And soon that may extend to physical darkness too. North Sea oil and gas are now past peak production and declining; shale gas extraction is in its infancy; nuclear power plants are old and being de-commissioned but not replaced; renewables are being talked about but very rarely implemented; and there is a growing dependence upon piped Russian gas which, of course, the Russians could turn off at any time it suited them to do so (for example during an invasion of North America). Only last week a British government minister warned in public about the lights going out in a few years’ time, and then how long will a can of Diesel in the garage last?

        The fact is, on both sides of the Atlantic we have been living on the spiritual credit built up by previous more Godly generations and it’s runing out. We can’t make assumptions about the rapture. There’s nowhere to run, and it’s hard for a man to know what to do for his country, his household, and his friends except to watch and pray and, like Noah, take every opportunity to preach the righteousness which is by faith in Yeshua. He knows His plans and one thing is certain: He will be glorified in whatever He does.

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