Mar 22, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Robot Android Babysitter

Pro 1:29-33 Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of Adonai, they refused my counsel and despised my reproof. So they will bear the consequences of their own way and be overfilled with their own schemes. For the aimless wandering of the thoughtless will kill them, and the smug overconfidence of fools will destroy them; but those who pay attention to me will live securely, untroubled by fear of misfortune.

robot babysitter - dreamscapes

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I saw something really unusual in a dream. I saw someone who was taking care of children, and the children came to this person and said, Someone is knocking at the door.

And I saw that the person was robotic in behavior and it’s feet – it wasn’t like it was walking, it was more like “gliding.” And this “person” answered the door and there was a delivery man there, and it took the box of food, it closed the door, turned around and put the box of food on the kitchen counter.

The word that the Lord gave me is, HUB.

I saw that the person was robotic. And I saw that it’s body movements were unusual and also there was no feeling, it was like a void or a vacancy is what I sensed in the dream.

I believe what I am being shown is an android taking care of children…and I find that absolutely vile.

P.S. If you are interested in seeing the other things I’ve been shown about android robots, go to the “Search” bar on my blog and type “android” or “androids” and you’ll find all of the other Diary posts.

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