Mar 21, 2013 (Audio) Two Dreams: Sin Issues, Resolving Them

Gen 5:24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Heb 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

Doctrine of the Pharisees - Dreamscapes

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Ok, I had an unusual dream, about a false teaching. What I can remember of the dream was that it had to do with and ancient text which was about death. “Death of the legs.” It was an ancient term meaning an earthly death. That the person died on earth and was buried in the ground, so they referred to it as “Death of the legs.”

But then there was also the “Death of the head.” Which was a word that I’ve never seen written before, but within that word was the word “optics” Example: _______optics_________

And in the dream, the Book of Enoch was alluded to. There was a mention of the Book of Enoch.

The reason why the Book of Enoch was mentioned was because Enoch, as it’s stated in Scripture, didn’t die an earthy death, he was taken by the Lord. Scripture states that Enoch was no more, because the Lord took him.

So the false teaching had to do with the “death of the legs” and “optics” ….

And the reason why I know it was false was because the text itself was shown to me as being written in an empty white Styrofoam food container, which the Lord has given me understanding from past dreams that it is a reference to the Pharisee doctrines. The clams, clamshells – that’s what those food containers are called in the Restaurant business, they are called “clamshells.” Clams being on the unclean foods list. And food, of course, being symbolic of doctrine, what we take in, what we allow to permeate our spirit and our being.

So the ancient text was typed out on the bottom of one of those clamshell containers and they were trying to prove that text by comparing to the Book of Enoch.

I know many people out there believe that the book of Enoch is false and it’s been corrupted and yada-yada – I don’t believe any of that. I know that’s not true.

The book of Enoch is a true book, it is valuable extra-Biblical text for its historicity, meaning it’s a valuable historical text. The ancient writers of the Bible alluded to and quoted the book of Enoch. So the people who wrote the Bible read the Book of Enoch. They knew it, and they quoted it, and it’s written in our Bibles. So, it’s important to throw away anything that is false.

It’s a very interesting book, Enoch even prophesied about the Children of Israel being in Egypt and the Egyptians chasing them through the sea and the sea swallowing the Egyptian army up. It’s really fascinating how he wrote it too, it’s pretty amazing.

So I’m being shown something here with this doctrine that was written in a clamshell, a hollow, empty “white” Styrofoam clamshell food container.

So if you believe that the book of Enoch is false – THAT it itself IS a False Teaching. So you need to start understanding and knowing that it’s real.


Pro 30:33 Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter, and the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood: so the forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife.

Root out the Sin - Dreamscapes

Title: Sin Issues, Getting to the Root of It

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IT’S A TWO-PARTER (<——— This is the last word spoken in the dream)

Ok, I had a dream that I saw a man who was struggling with issues in his life, but he wasn’t getting to the root of it, what was the cause of all of it. He was drawn back to this old building that used to be a home where he lived. He didn’t have a father, and the only man who was a father to him was someone who was cruel; didn’t give him the love he needed, the support he needed. The doctrine that was taught him was poisonous.

He went back there to talk to the man and the man, in the dream at first, it seemed that he wasn’t recognized. So they were talking like strangers to each other. And I heard that man open up and say that he too had been raised by someone who was an inappropriate father to him.

The man who was the one struggling with the issues, he was a jovial man, he tried to make the best of everything, he really did. I saw the man begin to reject the food (aka the doctrine) that was offered to him.

I saw the man, he said he wanted to make me some food. There were a lot of people who needed food, and he thought he was up to the task, up to the challenge. So he began cooking something. We had made this agreement that if he would do all the cooking and I would do all the dishwashing, and he would never have to wash a dish and he kind of liked that agreement, he thought that was a good agreement; so he agreed.

But when I went to the over to see what he had made me, it was like this little purple gel square, and when I cut a little piece off to taste it, I didn’t like it. I remember I spit it out and I decided that I would get more appropriate food (elsewhere).

I’m remembering the other part of the dream… I saw a man and a woman, sitting at a table talking to a man. The man and the woman did not trust the man that they were talking to, they knew that something was wrong, and it had to do with technology. When he sat down, he pulled a little “something” – a box or something out of his bag and put it on the table. When he turned it on, he could see that the man sitting across from him at the table (the one he didn’t trust) he could see that he was emitting some kind of pulse. An invisible electronic pulse was coming towards him.

So, he got angry and he said, See I knew it! I knew something was wrong!

And the woman, she had something too, she had a pair of glasses and she saw the rays too, and I was shown them, it looked just like a pulse. The further the pulse when away, the weaker the signal got.
But if you stood really close, closer than the width of the table, they would definitely be in the pulse area. So the Lord is giving me understanding that the box and the glasses represent:

1. Understanding things with the heart; and
2. Seeing things through spiritual eyes.

So that’s what that is all about.

Now, the thing with the pulse, I’m believing that this is both physical and spiritual. That it’s technology based. But I believe that it’s also spiritual as well. Perhaps the two go hand-in-hand.

Now, after I awoke from this dream and I was thinking about the different things that I was shown, the Lord ministered to me, that The People (of God) need to draw very near to Him, I mean very, very near. And He can be the Father to the fatherless, and he can also give us food when the food, the doctrine, the teachings, that we are receiving, are bitter and fruitless.

The Lord told me that the reason why The People, many of them, are unable to draw near, and are unable to hear Him, or unable to feel or sense His presence is because there is sin in their lives and many of those people are “hiding” the sin. They know that they are sinning and they are trying to hide it from themselves and from those around them, and even from God. He says we CAN’T DO THAT.

It’s the sin that prevents us from drawing close; so it works against the fact that we are trying to draw close to him if there is sin in our lives that is UNRESOLVED. Ok? That means that it’s the things that we have not yet brought to the Cross. It’s more than just saying “I ask for forgiveness for this or that sin” it’s about getting down to the nitty-gritty of why the sin occurred in the first place. Because if we can get down to the bottom and the root of it, the cause – what started it all – then we can begin to deal with all of the hurt, the pain, the causes, the reasons. Because all of that stuff effects our lives in different ways, it manifests itself in different ways in our lives, it affects everything it’s like poison.

When you put a drop of poison into a glass of water, it doesn’t just stay floating at the top, it permeates though the entire glass – that’s the way sin is in our lives. It’s not just a little floater that we can easily remove with a spoon or a flick, like flicking it off our finger. It’s something that PERMEATES every aspect of our lives. It affects our decision making, it affects our thought process, it affects our understanding. So the root cause has to be found, and then – we can begin to take that to the Lord in all it’s different aspects.

The Lord can analyze the different issues in your life and show you:

1. When it began;
2. What effect it had’
3. How it is affecting your life now; and
4. Who is culpable? (“It’s a Two-Parter”)

Meaning: not every sin issue that we have in our lives is started by us. Not every sin issue is our personal fault. Sometimes it’s the things that happened to us as children, things that people did to us, or exposed us to that started it all and caused us to go astray. And these things can happen to a person as young as 1 year or 2 years old.

So, if you are 1 or 2 years old and something happens to you that causes you to think in a way that you shouldn’t, of course you are going to have a hard time figuring out why you are doing something repeatedly or why you can stop behaving in a certain way. It’s because you’re not even able to realize that the root of it all began when you were one or two years old! But the Father knows. He knows these things and He can help you get to the bottom of it, to find out who is really at fault. It could be a parent, it could be an uncle or an aunt, or a cousin or a friend or it could be yourself, and you would have to be willing to accept and admit fault and take that to the Lord in prayer. But a lot of times, what the Lord is revealed to me, is that it was not “your” fault.

Like, there was an issue in my life I was dealing with, and the Lord helped me to go all the way – and trace it all the way to an event that happened to me as a child, and once I was able to figure out how it all began – that was the FIRST TIME in my life I was able to actually take that issue in my life before the Lord, knowing why it was effecting me today as an adult.

And once I did that, that was when the Lord began revealing to me that He was breaking all of the curses, breaking all of the bondage, He was dealing with all of that and when that happened for me, all of a sudden that weight of guilt and condemnation was totally lifted and I realized where the fault lied, and how it all began and that alone was freedom. It set me free. And I was able to deal with a lot of the other circumstance in my life because the Lord helped me to get to the bottom of it.

So we have to be willing, it’s a process, it’s not just the robotic act of saying “I confess my sins, Amen.” It’s actually digging deep down into the soil of our hearts and into the soil of our past to dig out the root of the weed where it all started and once that root is dug out, then that weed is no longer there and that is when something healthy can be planted in it’s place instead. 🙂

That’s what the Lord has put on my heart to say today. Ask the Lord to help you root out the core issue. It’s a process, it doesn’t happen in one prayer session. But follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and He will be able to guide you to get to the bottom of it. It takes time, but its so well worth it. It’s so well worth it.

That’s all for this track.

4 thoughts on “Mar 21, 2013 (Audio) Two Dreams: Sin Issues, Resolving Them

  1. Concerning the book of Enoch, I actually wanted to read it once, but the I heard somewhere that it has the tendency to drive people crazy. Particularly, if you study it. So once I heard that I was afraid to read it. I’m still not sure…

    Regarding the second half of your journal post, wow. I’ve been feeling continuously that I truly need to draw super close to Him, also because I’ve been in constant spiritual warfare. I feel like… there are moments when I can feel the presence of God so strongly… and then I’m under attack. Just yesterday I finally was able to attend church, I repented a heartfelt prayer because the Lord was bringing some issues to my attention. Then later I spent some time with godly people and the Lord even spoke through me to my friend about His calling on her life. It was special, full of love and tears, just His presence was strong in that moment.

    But then… at quarter to four am, early this morning, I was awake, laying in my bed. When all of a sudden, this extremely heavy weight was on top of me… I could barely breath, I couldn’t move… I tried to speak but the weight was so heavy… and all I could think was, “I rebuked you in the name of Jesus!” and try to open my mouth to say it. I fought hard! I fought until Istarted ppushing back on this heaviness, rebuking again and again, until I was able to slowly push it off me, sit up in my bed, raising my hands toward Jesus. It was the most awful eexperience ever!

    Then on top of that… I was suddenly out of it. But I wasn’t reaching toward Jesus or even sitting… I was still laying down. The words I had heard prior to this ever happening, earlier in the night, was, “Crush to death.” After the experience, I related it to those words before remembering that phrase. It was so awful… Sometimes I just feel so hopeless. Everyday is a constant battle and I’m so tired of it. It’s exhausting, and nighttime is the worst! I could pray for daylight to come sooner, honestly.

    • Sister, I’ve been where you are. Just push closer to Jesus, purpose it in your heart and if all you can do is say His name over and over again, then do that. Keep crying out to the Lord, He will minister to you.

      I prayerfully cleanse and anoint my bedroom often, and I anoint myself every night before going to sleep, asking the Lord to draw near to me and to cover me with His Shield.

      I have learned that these dreams and spiritual encounters are meant to show us and teach us something. So as hard as it is, and as tiring as it feels, just keep running to our Savior.

      I’ll pray for you sister. Be blessed in Jesus.

      • Great blog sis!
        And i hear jnnicole!!! I have been getting tons of night attacks lately! Darkness is increasing in these last days! I have even been visited by incubi!!! (Incubus) and that has been a horrific experience- ive realized that ive obviously given these demons a stronghold in my life somewhere so ive been praying so much- breaking any curses and praying for deliverence! Ive tried annoiting my house and doors and windows praying forthe lord to santify this house the blood of jesus to protect this home but im a little unsure- sis selina- may i ask what exactly you say to bless and consecrate your oil? I use extra virin olive oil- i heard thats good to use! Just curious tho about how to go about properly blessing/consecrating oil!
        And please sis selina- could you say a little prayer for me and my 2 year old daugther (and the rest of my family who are unbelievers)! These night attacks are getting pretty disturbing!!! I could use all the prayers i can get!!
        Thanks sis-
        Nicole baron

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