Mar 20, 2013 (Audio) Dream: The Vatican, Final Countdown

May YHVH Yeshua’s Mighty Hand of Judgment be upon the Vatican for her crimes against Him. I wash my hands of you.

Rev 18:20 Rejoice over her, heaven! Rejoice, people of God, emissaries and prophets! For in judging her, God has vindicated you.

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Vatican Final Countdown - Dreamscapes

final countdown


I just had a strange dream. Two of my childhood friends came to me at a school. I was also a girl, a young girl. They wanted to talk to me. One of them I recognized quite easily, but the second one, I wasn’t sure who she was.

I saw a bookshelf that had pictures of me when I was a little girl. And pictures of the two girls when they were little. I picked up one of them to look at it, and I said, Is this you??

And when I did that, the picture, the actual picture fell out of the frame, to where all I was looking at was a frame with no picture on it. So I put it back, I put the frame back, but I didn’t pick the picture up.

And the little girl, she began telling me about her life. That her mother was accusing her wrongly. As the girl was talking though, she had a really big nose; her nose began to grow, it became very fat, bulbous and red. And I remember thinking, Wow that’s really weird…
The other girl left. She left as the girl was talking…!

We were walking through the school. She mentioned something about that her mother was going to sue her for $30,000.00.

Prior to this happening – I had been looking in an old antique shop. I was looking through cloth, like hankies, old pieces of cloth that were in the antique shop. They were dingy the way old cloth from 100 years ago might look, must kind of yellowed, not white, but dingy yellow looking.

I’m going to pray and ask YHVH Yeshua to help me with this dream.

(time lapse)

Ok, I believe the little girl is actually as deceiver. Just based on the symbolism of her nose growing bulbous and red. So she was trying to deceive me, that’s the word the Lord gave me.

As I was talking to the little girl with the big nose, I was doing something uncharacteristic of me: I was skipping and clapping my hands. So, I’m not even certain that I am me. I think I’m just playing a part so that I can be shown what is happening, to see the body movement….the Lord is telling me that the body movement that I was doing is symbolic of A COUNTDOWN. (Ok so that makes more sense..thank you Lord.)

Ok, the Lord is giving me words: GOT HER. CALCULATE HER.

The Lord is reminding me that I mentioned the name of one of the childhood friends, who I don’t want to name, but I remember this little girl’s mother. I remember that she wasn’t exactly very loving. She provided her daughter with every need, everything that she could possibly need and dressed up her daughter like a little princess but she gave her no love, no understanding. And I believe what ended up happening to this little girl is that when she grew up she turned to lesbianism for comfort.

So, I’m not exactly sure why I’m being reminded of this little girl, who is now a grown woman my age. It must be relevant in some way…

Ok, the Lord says that part that is relevant is the fact that the mother showed the daughter no love. So this is a mother/daughter relationship that’s not what it should be.

The Lord says that the little girl who left, SHE FLED.

I went back to thinking about the girl’s nose, how big and bulbous. It was big like a Jimmy Durante nose, with all the veins in it. And as I was thinking about that, the Lord said A TARGET. So the nose symbolizes a target as well.

The Lord has given me this word twice: FRIGHTENING! FRIGHTENING! PLEASE HELP ME!

Oh that’s interesting, the Lord gave me a word for the antique shop. He said, PLAN-TIQUE, as in this is His Plan all along, a plan of old. Plantique….

The Lord is speaking Spanish to me. He said, JIMENA. NO IMPORTA. Jimena is a name. No importa means, it’s not important. So there must be a meaning behind the name. I don’t know what it means, so I’ll have to look it up and I’ll post it.

(Jimena means “Listening” – put them together: Listening, it’s not important.)

So I believe the Spanish points to the Latins…latina… So…perhaps this girl actually represents Rome.

I believe it is the Vatican. She represents the Vatican.

The Lord said, I AM WRAPPING THEM UP AND PUTTING A BOW ON THEM. And then He gave me a vision of a fallen angel unwrapping the gift. Kind of a gruesome analogy.

Ok the Lord has given me an interesting vision. In the vision I walked into a bathroom, I saw women standing there and leaving. I went over to the sink and I picked up a large salt shaker, and I shook the salt into my hands, and I began using the salt in my hands like soap. Washing my hands with the salt and then rinsing them off.

I simply think that means AN ACT OF PURIFICATION. I’m reminded of the process of Koshering. You put salt on it to keep the meat clean.

The Lord is reminding me of a video I made quite a while ago, about a massive shakeup that was coming. I’m going to put a link to the video in the blog entry as well.

The Lord says that I can end the track now. Thank you Father for ministering this dream to me. I give you all praise, glory, and honor. Thank you for spending this time with me this morning. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.