Mar 23, 2013 (Audio) Dream: The Peacemaker is Jesus

Peace of God

Prayer of Repentance:

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In this dream I was part of a war party. We were warring against people who were extremely hostile. I remember saying, Look you have your beliefs and we have ours, so just leave it at that. But they wouldn’t they kept coming around bothering us. A couple of women began plotting against the group, the war party that I was in. I felt very threatened by them. Off in the distance I could see, I could see them plotting, they were being controlled by the enemy, demonically controlled, demon possessed, things like that.

They started chasing after me and I remember running ahead of them, running and hiding. I hid behind a man’s coat in a closet.

And once I heard the footsteps run past me, I gave chase, I ran the person down, I tackled them, and laid them flat on the floor and I pinned their hands and I said, Why are you trying to kill me?

And they were writhing and screaming, Let me go, let me go….! I said, I will not let you go, you need to make confession, you need to confess your sin. But the person began talking in a language that was foreign to me and I knew it was a demon. When that happened, the face of the woman really changed, she virtually did not even appear to look human anymore. Whatever was inside of her was just so totally vile, it even changed what her appearance looked like.

She kept screaming and writhing, and making these ghastly sounds and it was at that point in the dream, I realized that I wasn’t just dealing with one demon, this woman had multiple demons, more than I could count, it sounded like a lot.

And I said, Be silent! In Jesus Name I command you to be silent! I said, I want every demon to be silent, and I only want to speak to the woman. I only want to speak to the woman. Everyone else is commanded in Jesus Name to be silent!

I said, Woman speak to me, can you hear me, can you see me? And she said, Yes, I can. And I said, Do you want to be set free?

And her response was: We are part of a group of people. We are waiting for the Galactic Brotherhood.

And she started going on about the Galactic Forces, Galactica, saying words like that, that had the word “Galactic” in it. And I said, What you are waiting for is Evil and what has come is already here, and His Name is Jesus, His name is Yeshua the Messiah, and He can set you free from all of this! And give you that heaven that you desire to so badly, give you that peace. I said, Do you want to receive Him?

And she said, Yes.

So I began walking her through the Sinner’s Prayer, and she repeated after me a prayer of repentance, and then in Jesus Name I bound all of the demons and casted them out of her. And when I woke up from this dream, I was still actually praying the prayer as I was waking, walking her through the words and the all of that.

As I was in that half dreamy state I was actually speaking out loud, and I felt the Peace of the Lord just fall on me. I felt so much Peace, so much Peace….

So I mean, I still feel it now, just this PEACE that fell on me and covered me like a blanket. It was beautiful. I thank the Lord for this dream. Because when I had the other dream, the one about the snake, I was so upset, I was sooo upset, and I was scared, I was terribly frightened from that dream.

But the Lord put the Fire in me and gave me a boldness to speak, and then He gave me this dream. And I woke up with a completely different feeling. I woke up with Peace, the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

I thank you Lord, for having mercy on me. Thank you Abba, for your Son, the Peacemaker. Thank you, Amen.

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