Mar 23, 2013 (Audio) The Mind Control Dream and a Warning Too

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mind control mirror maze

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I had a dream about this couple. They were holding each other, and the woman really loved the man. The man knew her, but there was an issue with his memory. Something was wrong with him, and she said, Don’t you remember when we loved each other?

And he looked at her like, What are you talking about? There was a missing part of his memory. She said, Don’t worry, one day you’ll remember.

And then I saw that man in a bed. There was a big mirror in front of him, and he was looking at his reflection and his reflection started talking to him. And when it did, when that happened, the more that his reflection started talking to him the more warped the mirror became, until it was like this blob that was talking to him and then the mirror shattered. And he started freaking out because the mirror was saying things to him that he couldn’t remember.

When the mirror shattered, somebody came in and started slapping him and hitting him, and he kept looking at the mirror, or at least that was the vantage point that I saw, was the shattered mirror and him, and I could see this third person slapping and hitting him, telling him that he needed to shape up.

I don’t remember everything that was said by the cruel person, but the man was so confused, he didn’t know what to do.

Now there was another part to this dream. I saw a woman who needed a prescription, she was standing outside of the doctor’s office, and someone left the doctor’s office and then it was her turn to go in, but she was waiting for the doctor to invite her to come in, but she noticed the doctor was talking to someone about her on the phone to someone else. The doctor was saying something about how she needed medication and that the woman kept forgetting to take her medication, so she had to keep switching the medication (kind of like what happens with antibiotics, if you don’t take it all then you need a stronger or a different version because the body is not going to react to the old antibiotic anymore to get rid of the illness, you need a new stronger dose to kick the illness)…

So in the dream I saw three different medication bottles, the doctor came out and began scolding her about this and the woman felt that she was innocent, that she had reasonable, logical, why she needed the new medication. The doctor mentioned something about how the woman had a little girl and the little girl needed a new prescription for glasses and the doctor said, I saw how you took of the old glasses and put the new ones on and I’ve never seen anything like that before! As if there was something wrong with giving the little girl a new pair of glasses so she could see better.

And there was a third party in all of this, a man who had come up, and his behavior was odd, he took hold of her hand, but then crouched in a bush as if he were trying to hide, and the woman was aware that the man was there; she didn’t trust him, and for some reason she was really focused on the doctor. So there was this – the word that comes to me is MANIPULATION.

(time lapse)

Ok, I went into prayer and prayed to YHVH Yeshua. Because I have a general understanding and idea of what the dream is about. But, I also know that there is a lot of bad information about the subject on the internet. So I’m really concerned and I want to caution anyone who is reading this blog entry to be very, very, very careful, if you decide you are interested in looking up the subject. Do it covered in prayer, because some of the things that (videos and what not) discuss the subject are intended for harm themselves.

The tactics of the enemy are so deceptive that it will say that this video or this article is about exposing the issue, but really what it is, it’s part of the Plan of Ensnarement.

I believe this dream is about mind control and about the people who undergo severe abuse in order to shatter and fragment their minds. It can happen purely by accident through repeated severe child abuse, and the mind gets fragmented in order to survive; but unfortunately there are extremely evil people who have taken that idea and perfected it, and they use this method of shattering and fragmenting a person’s mind, in order to control them.

If the reader decides to take it a step further and look outside of the few sources that I will provide

(see link at the top of this Diary entry, and the attached video at the bottom),

again I would really, really caution you. The reason I say that is – I’m going to give you a quick “for instance:”

There is a man on youtube who likes to decode these kinds of things, and he had either sent me a link or he provided it in his channel, to a commercial. Well, because I had done some research into this kind of thing prior to seeing this commercial I immediately recognized certain things about it that made me believe that the commercial itself was intended to create a type of mind control. So I didn’t watch the very end of it, which was where all the light flashes and things were happening. But I knew, just by watching this commercial, that it was meant for harm, there was a check in my spirit right away.

So of course I prayed against it, and I warned this man about it. Unfortunately, he did not receive the same check and he had watched the commercial several times. So…you know…it’s always bothered me about that.

The Lord can protect us from all harm, but it’s important that we don’t willingly walk through dangerous doors, and you know – the Bible clearly says to abstain from all appearances of evil. The thing about evil is that it can come in subtle forms, like a commercial where it doesn’t look evil but it is.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve (99.9%) stopped watching television and I don’t go and see the movies anymore. I don’t go to movie theatre. I just already know, I know in my spirit what’s going on in them.

And before I made the commitment to curtail my television and movie watching, I was already of that mind frame anyway because I grew up with that type of thing strictly curtailed anyway, we didn’t really have a television in our house for many years until I was about 15 years old when we got a television and I graduated from high school at 17 and moved out and began living on my own, so there was really only a short time period where we had a television consistently and so, you know – I don’t miss it. I can take it or leave it, it’s not a big deal for me to not watch t.v. or movies.

So anyway, I guess I’m saying all that to say this: This blog entry actually, I’m really putting up a strong warning to be very, very, very careful. This is real, it’s a real phenomenon, and the problem is is that we aren’t talking a handful of people, we aren’t talking a few hundred people who have undergone this mind control process, who are actually part of an organized group – we are talking millions of people have had this happen to them. Where their minds have been shattered, and it’s a global phenomenon, it doesn’t just happen here in America.

Actually, so again I would like to caution anyone who is interesting in looking further into this to do it extremely prayerfully, it’s no joke, its not something to shrug your shoulders at and say, Oh that’s probably not real – or That can’t really happen, IT CAN HAPPEN, and it can happen quite easily, it’s methodical, it’s systematic, and it’s diabolical.

That’s all for this track…

Video created by Electsister777 about another dream regarding Mind Control: