Mar 28, 2013 (Audio) Spiritual Bargains, Ancient Religions

bargain shopping - dreamscapes

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Ok, I had a dream. What I can remember is standing in really old apartment building which dated back to 1920. It was that old. There weren’t any lights in it at all.

I witnessed someone gathering up some final items, and there were two dogs there too. The man gathered up the items, walked out the door, and the dogs followed him. I heard the man say, “Oh good, they can urinate.” Apparently, the dogs had been there a very long time. The understanding I have about this man is that he lived his life in a state of confusion, acting erratically, irrationally; he was misguided and misled.

Now, there was another part to this dream. I was in an antique shop and I saw the same man. He had found a few items that he wanted. One of them was a ballot box. But the ballot box was unusual in the way it was made. Two of the pieces of the ballot box were made of plastic and the other piece was made of some type of silvery metal; I would say that whatever it was, it was definitely an inferior metal.

The man also found a dog he wanted to purchase, the dog wore a harness with a leash attached. Now, for some reason the man was in a real hurry and had a bus to catch. So rather than pay for the items and then catch his bus, he did things backwards: He took all the items, including the dog, ran to catch the bus, and put everything on the bus. There was a man sitting next to him, and so he asked: “Would you keep an eye on this stuff while I run back to go pay for it?” Even though he thought it was weird how he had done things, he agreed.

So the man ran back to the store and found a girl he thought would be willing to negotiate with him.
Now, for some reason, there were a lot of store clerks mulling around and they were all female. I saw the man with his hand on his chin, trying to choose from among them which girl he thought would be the most cooperative, who would understand his predicament and want to negotiate a price with him, being that she didn’t have the items with her to price, so she would just have to take his word for it that he was being truthful about what he had.

So he found a girl he liked, and she didn’t even seem to question his situation. She just wanted to know what it was he had, and she would set the price. But he was already familiar with the items and he felt she was overpricing them, and so that was when the negotiations began.

The man told her, “Well, this is what I have, and I have one of these and another of that…”, and he explained this strange plastic and silver-metallic ballot box. There seemed to be quite a bit of focus on the box…

I heard the man say he would pay no more than $25.00 for the dog. He told her would pay a $1.00 for each piece of the odd looking ballot box (because there were three pieces). Adding the other amounts he gave her, came to $2.00, for a grand total of $30.00.

As she was thinking about the prices that he had given her, the dream ended.

Throughout the dream, I was hearing the song, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot…which is an old spiritual song about death and going to the other side.

I believe the 1920’s building actually represents someone who is old and someone who is spiritually dead. So that building had two dogs living in it, which would represent two spirits, two demonic spirits. So that man was inhabited by demons – and the demons were shown to me as packing up and leaving, basically.
I’ll have to pray about the other part of the dream, because I don’t understand the message behind that one at all. I’m going to pray and ask YHVH Yeshua to help me with the dream.

(time lapse)

The second part of the dream that I’ve described actually happened first; and the words the Lord is giving me for that part of the dream (leaving the antique shop, negotiating the ballot box, all of that with the harnessed dog) is SPIRITUAL BARGAIN HUNTER.

So this man looking for the easy way, the short cut, the bargain version; and he wants to do things his way, and not following “standard procedure.”

The store clerks were all female. The understanding I’m being given is THE MANY WIVES. So, this points to Solomon and his many wives, and the fact that they were pagans. They all sold him their wares, and he “bought it”, basically. What he purchased was spiritual corruption.

The second part of the dream happened first, so, I’m looking at the person who was at one time alive, he made the wrong choice by going bargain hunting amongst Solomon’s wives for spiritual antiques, ancient religions and belief systems….which included a harnessed dog…so this dog is a marker, A SIN. Even bondage, if you look at it in terms of the dog being harnessed with a leash.

Then later that person was shown as dead (the building with no lights), and being inhabited by two demons, that’s what I’m taking from this.

So, I’m looking at a life, at the progression of the life from beginning to end. The man went around looking for corruption and continued on in his corruption; all because he would not accept the Truth and do things according to the Father’s Will.

What a sad situation….

The ballot box, there seemed to be a big focus on that in the dream. If I look at the voting system: You put your vote in, and the “issue” or the “thing/object” or the “person” which gets the most votes is chosen. So, this represents going with whatever everyone else is doing, the majority vote, and that seems to indicate The Wide Road.

So I’m being shown a very sinful person, someone who wants to believe in something, as long as it’s not the Truth, they want to do things their own way, who has lived a life of confusion and satanic bondage.
A person like that needs to repent, it’s absolutely important to repent and find firm footing and a firm strong foundation in Jesus, who never changes, who never fails and who can keep us from all harm, who can protect us from things like demonic possession and even death. Those things have no hold on a person when Jesus walks with them.

I’m attaching a prayer of repentance to this blog entry (See Prayer of Repentance: Pray the prayer if you feel that this scenario could be you. Tell Jesus you don’t want to go with whatever everyone else is doing, whatever the popular vote is, you don’t want to espouse yourself to the confusion of ancient pagan religions and belief systems. Tell Jesus want to vote for Him and Him alone, so that you don’t end up, in the same position that this person ended up in…because this person died in his sin, and remember: There is no negotiating price with Jesus, what He offers is Eternal Life and His gift is absolutely free.

That’s all for this dream.

Scriptural Reference:
Complete Jewish Bible

Eze 22:17 The word of Adonai came to me:
Eze 22:18 “Human being, the house of Isra’el has become an alloy of base metals for me; they are all copper, tin, iron and lead mixed together in the crucible, the dross left over from the silver.
Eze 22:19 Therefore Adonai Elohim says this: ‘Because you have all become dross, I will collect all of you inside Yerushalayim.
Eze 22:20 Then, just as they collect silver, copper, iron, lead and tin into a crucible and blow fire on it to melt it down; so likewise I will collect you in my anger and fury, throw you in there, and melt you down.
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