Mar 31, 2013 (Audio) Homosexuality: Leave the Lifestyle Now!

Dying Leaves - Dreamscapes

Psa 37:17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.

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Mar 31, 2013 Track 1

In this dream I saw a lot of homosexuals.

I saw a man and he kept referring to his partner as “she.” And he was talking about the decorating and there was a room that we had gone into and the closet was filled with a lot of garbage and junk. And the plants were dead, but he kept talking about how lovely the room was and he showed me pictures of it.

But I thought, Wow, what’s so special about this? I said, You know most people when they take pictures of their home they will close the door to the closet so that you don’t see all these piles of shoes and clothes and stuff, and they’ll buy new plants or cut the dead leaves off their plants. But you didn’t do that…

He said, Yeah, but it’s still a really lovely room.

And he was talking about how his partner was decorating, and he went on and on about, Oh you should see my partners room! But when he was talking about his partner, he was referring to him as “she.” But I knew it was a man, because he kept saying, “She – oh, er, I’m sorry, excuse me, he…” did this, that and the other. And, “She – oh, I, I’m sorry, I mean he…” You know, it was like he was correcting himself.

He pointed to a photograph on his wall, and when he did that, the dream kind of changed to where whatever was pictured in the wall (photo) actually came to life and was a room that I was standing in. What I saw were homosexual men talking amongst each other.

And then the dream kind of changed a little bit, well, quite a bit actually, because all of a sudden I was a room where people were taking swimming lessons. And I noticed that there was a whole row of firefighters. I don’t know why I got that impression, but they did look like firefighters.

They were taking people and (based on the people’s ability and it had to do with their emotional status it seemed) show them how to swim underwater.

So, I saw a woman; and she was holding on to one of the instructor’s neck, and he put her underwater, but when he did, it seemed like he was actually kind of rough with her, that was the impression I got.

And she was having a terrible time breathing, but somehow she managed to get air, and she no longer wanted to participate in any of it because it scared her. And so the man said, Well, you need to go to So-n-So down the row and he’ll be really gentle with you because you know, you’re fragile, you can’t handle this. This is not your level.

So I saw her walk down to the person, but when she did, there was a woman, and the woman was pregnant and she had a cast on her arm and she was sitting on the ground and she was mocking her. She was laughing at her and mocking her, and the woman got sore angry. And she walked right up to her (the pregnant woman with the cast) and slapped her, real hard.

And then the woman who was had the cast on her hand who was pregnant and sitting on the floor, she didn’t have anything to say after that, she was just like, whining and trying to make excuses for her bad behavior. There wasn’t much said to her after that, but she went and found the nicer instructor, and then the dream was over. (deep sigh…..)

I don’t know what this dream means at all. I’m going to pray and ask YHVH Yeshua, to help me.

(time lapse)

Ok, for the first part of the dream, the word the Lord is giving me is GROSS ERROR; but the understanding I have is it’s WILLFUL ERROR. Because the man knows, that his partner is a man, but he is choosing and actually trying to force himself to call the man a “she” to refer to him as a female, so he’s doing it on purpose, knowing full well that he’s referring to a man, but forcibly causing himself to refer to him as a “she.” The reason why he kept “correcting” himself, was because he knew I wasn’t one of them. So, he would refer to his partner as “she” and then say, “Oh, I’m sorry – he.” So he knew that it was a he, but he was doing it on purpose, calling his partner a she.

The row of “firemen teaching people how to swim” actually has to do with different levels of sin that need to be washed, and some will be handled more gently than others, some will be violently dunked, and others will be a little bit more gentle – based on their emotional status – it seems. The scripture that comes to mind is the Lord will “never give us more than we can bear.”

But, the part about the woman being slapped….she was there for swimming lessons too. She had a swimming suit on. The pregnancy is actually an indication of being “impregnated” or “indoctrinated” by the things of the world, which reflected in the behavior that was exhibited: mocking and laughing, making fun. So she was punished.

The Lord is telling me that when the woman was slapped, that represents a punishment from God. The Lord is saying she preferred the desert to the pool, that’s why she wasn’t in the water. She had a swimming suit on, but she wasn’t in the water, she was sitting off on the sidelines, on the floor, but on the sidelines.

The reference to the photograph with the open closet, and the plants that were photographed and he was so proud of it all, I believe is a symbolic portrayal of simply being “out of the closet and open about being gay” rather than hiding it. So this man is someone who is not trying to hide his sin at all. He’s open about it, he’s proud about it, and he’s showing people.

Extreme willful disobedience, wickedness even.

What he’s doing is an abomination, to refer to a man as a female. And in the photograph that he showed me where it was all homosexual men, they were talking; and I remember in the dream thinking that the talk was trash talk, smut talk, and garbage talk.

The Lord is reminding me of something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago; he was very, very angry one morning.

I’m going to go ahead and play the original track for you and then end this audio with that track.


Mar 9, 2013 Track 3

Ok, I just woke up and when I did, the Lord gave me a very harsh and unusual word, I’ve never heard anything like this in the morning, but He said,


I was just like, Whoa! And then the Lord said, THIS HAS TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALITY.

So He’s pronouncing Judgment against these sinners who refuse to repent. That is written in Scripture both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. If you are unwilling to repent of Homosexuality, not just saying “I’m sorry,” but actually turning away, stopping completely the lifestyle, then the Judgment of God is upon you.

That’s all for this track.

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