Apr 5, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Patience and Maturity

Psa 45:10-11 Listen, daughter! Think, pay attention! Forget your own people and your father’s house, and the king will desire your beauty; for he is your lord, so honor him.

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In this dream, I was actually a spider. I was a spider. 🙂

And I lived in a web with a couple of other spiders. They all wanted to take a trip, so that they could “morph.” They would morph and they would lose all their “young hairs.” That’s how it was in the dream…

building spider web

And so one by one, I saw the little spiders leave, they would morph and they would come back. Now, the morphing process required fire. So they would build this place with their webbing they could go behind and then all of a sudden a little flame of fire would just light up and the spider would be on fire, but it didn’t burn up, the only thing that burnt up were the little hairs. And then they would have this exoskeleton. That’s how it was in the dream, and then they would come back home.

Well, I had an aunt who was a spider, and she was telling me how she was going to go and she’s always wanted all her life to do this; and finally it was going to be her turn, because she was an older spider, and she had never done it. And she asked me if I wanted to go, and I said, No.

She said, Are you sure? It’s going to be fun! I said, No, I think I’ll stay behind, but I’m really, really happy for you that this is happening. So I watched her go; I watched her travel and then I saw her build a little place and then she went behind it, and I saw the fire. Then I saw her emerge, and she didn’t have anymore hairs.

And then she came to me and said, Now, are you sure that you don’t want to do that? And I said, Yeah, I’m sure – I’ll be Forever Young.

…….that’s just……lol…..Lord…..(chuckling)….Abba – what are you showing me? I was a little itty-bitty spider…! Oh boy, I hope I’m not being shown something bad….

Ok, I’m going to pray and ask Abba to help me.

(time lapse)

I asked the Lord, I said, Lord why spiders? Why a web? Why the fire? What does it all mean?
He said, IT’S A PROCESS. So I’m going to continue waiting on Him….

The dream is about PATIENCE AND MATURITY. The Lord is teaching me a lesson, because yesterday, I was upset. And I said, Why does this take so long, why is it hours to pray for a little three minute audio; it just doesn’t seem fair.

This dream is about being patient. Spiders take meticulous care to create their webs. And in this case, these spiders, not only had the web they lived in, but they created (built) another web so that they could go through the morphing process. The morphing process involved fire.

And I didn’t want to do that, I said, No, I’m going to be Forever Young. Which seems poignant all by itself, but it’s like, Oh…Forever Young, you know everybody says that….But in this case, Forever Young means Forever Immature

The fire appeared their miraculously. They didn’t do anything to make the fire happen, it just would happen, but they played a part; they had to . The spiders had to build another special web, a special place that they could, once it was built – (because I was looking at it from outside so) – once it was built I saw them go behind the web and that was where the fire would happen. Once they were behind there I would see a little fire and then I could see them IN the fire, and when they emerged, they no longer had their hairs, they just had exoskeleton. It wasn’t scary or anything like that.

The Lord just gave me a vision of somebody looking down a list of items, and not just looking at the list, like a blanket look, but actually carefully, meticulously looking at each item that was on the list.

And the Lord said, DAUGHTER.

Next the Lord showed me, somebody throwing the contents of a small wastepaper basket into a fire, to get rid of the contents. So the hairs (actually in this dream for the spiders) represent, the stuff the Lord wants to get rid of.

You could choose to do the cleansing process at any time. And in the dream my aunt chose to do it when she was older, but I had the opportunity to do it when I was very young.

The Lord just gave me the word, TAKE A LOOK AT IT. So in this case, the list and the wastepaper basket, both represent the same thing, just a small (list) – I guess the Lord’s going to deal with everything all at one time.

But I have my part to play, I have to willingly step behind the little enclave that I make, so that the fire can cleanse me. Getting rid of the little hairs is symbolic of getting rid of the dross, getting rid of the vestiges, the garbage in my life.

The Lord wants to deal with it all at one time, and then the exoskeleton means that I’m clean. ….The Lord just gave me the word, HEAVEN. It’s the process of going to heaven….

a girl near Water

I’m going to end the track here and just talk to the Lord, I feel His peace…you know…but I just want to talk to Him….

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  1. Kind of like going into your “prayer closet” where you have private time with God, just you and Him and He cleanses you. What a fascinating dream. On a side note, I love spiders, they are my favorite creatures! The more I’ve studied them, the more amazing I find them to be! Observing the intricacies of their design and function has been a part of me being convinced of creation as opposed to evolution. Just one thing that isn’t fully formed and a particular species could die out in one generation. For example, in some species the mother spider spins an egg sac using several different kinds of webbing. This is to insulate the eggs from cold winter temperatures. If the eggs are not properly insulated, the whole species could die off in one generation. How can that evolve??? The answer is, of course, it didn’t. God made them with those abilities. There are many many things about spiders that are so fascinating. I don’t know what they did in the Garden of Eden, but I’ll be very interested to see what God does with all that He made in the new heaven and new earth to come. You’ll find me there somewhere hanging out with the spiders!!! LOL

    • LOL, well, I don’t like them as much as you do 🙂 but I will say that I do find them fascinating, I love our Father’s creation. God bless you!

      P.S. It’s funny you should mention the prayer closet, as I was searching for a scripture to add to this diary entry, I came across the prayer closet one, and I almost used it!

      • Lol…I truly was kind of hoping there would not be any spiders in heaven! But maybe it will be different if we can converse with them…not so creepy….lol. This is one dream I am pretty sure I would never have…me as a spider…no, no, no…lol. Love ya sis!

  2. Spider Vision

    While most spiders have multiple pairs of eyes, vision is a secondary sense in the vast majority of species. Most spiders primarily interact with the world through tactile sensation. They are covered in highly sensitive hairs that pick up even low-level vibrations in whatever the spider is standing on (the ground, floor, leaf or web, for example). Many spiders have additional hairs, called trichobothria, which pick up vibrations in the air (sound). Most spiders also have a sense of taste and smell, which play a role in feeding and reproduction.

  3. Your post fits in with what I was reading today in Ephesians 4. From the ESV: “11 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

    Since Jesus purchased all humanity, our maturity as a world is defined by what maturity was in the body of Jesus Christ. He attained maturity at his baptism, which is also Noah’s flood, which is also Israel’s crossing of the Red Sea with the Ark of the covenant. Jesus is our Levite, our personal ark of our personal covenant with God. The law began with Moses and existed in and through collections of individuals until it existed perfectly in one man who became the law itself and escaped slavery to death on behalf of the circumcised and the uncircumcised, the Jew and also the Greek. Jesus accomplished the ultimate circumcision by removing an unclean and dead world (globally and also in us) so that those living under his rule are clean and can live eternally. He removed man’s obstructions from God, and God blessed the fruits of his spirit in all of us, establishing a new covenant by which his children are known and found.

    Jesus Christ was in the act of creating when he was on the planet. The fruits of his spirit define the kingdom.

    What Jesus Christ did inside himself to purify himself as an offering for the purchase of humanity is exactly what humanity has to do to mature globally. Through his one physical body he released his universally ruling spirit to heal and free all humanity, but only through his body and his spirit. For us, it’s communion with or denial of this fact. Communion is a life contract we recognize or reject, and we receive what we ask for. The fruits of Jesus Christ’s spirit that tore down walls within himself are the same fruits that tear down walls between all of us and also between Yahweh and us.

    There is no healing in hatred because he did not hate, and he bought this world. There’s no healing in racism because he was not racist, and he bought this world. There is no salvation in religion because his fruits bypass slavery to anything created by man and they are available to all humanity at any time across all time, and he bought this world. As Paul wrote, the seven eternal fruits of Christ’s spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control. There is no law against these seven qualities that originate with the Heart in the world. All other fruits have not purchased the rights to this world, the fruits of the mind created without its heart, and because of that they sit under Yahweh’s judgment constantly when we eat/practice/sow/become those fruits.

    The Bible is a great letter. Thanks for letting me post here, Selena. In faith –

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