This Online Dream Diary is Dedicated to:

YHVH Yeshua

Glorious King, Righteous God

You are my fervent prayer, my treasure and my deepest desire.

I love you.

MP3 Link, Music Heard in a Dream:

And is Gifted to My Family:

To my son, my mother, my brothers, y Todos Las Familia:

I love you all so deeply.  Please enjoy my Online Dream Diary, it is my solemn gift to you.  May you find our Lord in these pages, may you find hope and renewal, and a greater understanding of the King of Glory, our Savior Yeshua Jesus.  I also gift you my two youtube channels:

And to my Spiritual Family, all those who are called by the name YHVH Yeshua, in spirit and in truth:

The Day will come when we will meet, face to face.  We will enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, and His courts with praise!   Yah bless you always.

3 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. Thank you for your beautiful dedication. I am a musician and songwriter, the other morning Yeshua put a beautiful chorus into my head, my soul was singing it as I was awakening, “I want you soul at home!” Until we meet at the dinner of all dinners.

  2. You guys are getting me so spiritually jealous! I want to love our Lord much more like all of you! Your dedication to Yeshua sounds so much more beautiful than the lame message I wrote for Him the other day– !
    May Jesus bless you all always- thank you so much for this beautiful blog for Him!

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