Apr 5, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Patience and Maturity

Psa 45:10-11 Listen, daughter! Think, pay attention! Forget your own people and your father’s house, and the king will desire your beauty; for he is your lord, so honor him.

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In this dream, I was actually a spider. I was a spider. 🙂

And I lived in a web with a couple of other spiders. They all wanted to take a trip, so that they could “morph.” They would morph and they would lose all their “young hairs.” That’s how it was in the dream…

building spider web

And so one by one, I saw the little spiders leave, they would morph and they would come back. Now, the morphing process required fire. So they would build this place with their webbing they could go behind and then all of a sudden a little flame of fire would just light up and the spider would be on fire, but it didn’t burn up, the only thing that burnt up were the little hairs. And then they would have this exoskeleton. That’s how it was in the dream, and then they would come back home.

Well, I had an aunt who was a spider, and she was telling me how she was going to go and she’s always wanted all her life to do this; and finally it was going to be her turn, because she was an older spider, and she had never done it. And she asked me if I wanted to go, and I said, No.

She said, Are you sure? It’s going to be fun! I said, No, I think I’ll stay behind, but I’m really, really happy for you that this is happening. So I watched her go; I watched her travel and then I saw her build a little place and then she went behind it, and I saw the fire. Then I saw her emerge, and she didn’t have anymore hairs.

And then she came to me and said, Now, are you sure that you don’t want to do that? And I said, Yeah, I’m sure – I’ll be Forever Young.

…….that’s just……lol…..Lord…..(chuckling)….Abba – what are you showing me? I was a little itty-bitty spider…! Oh boy, I hope I’m not being shown something bad….

Ok, I’m going to pray and ask Abba to help me.

(time lapse)

I asked the Lord, I said, Lord why spiders? Why a web? Why the fire? What does it all mean?
He said, IT’S A PROCESS. So I’m going to continue waiting on Him….

The dream is about PATIENCE AND MATURITY. The Lord is teaching me a lesson, because yesterday, I was upset. And I said, Why does this take so long, why is it hours to pray for a little three minute audio; it just doesn’t seem fair.

This dream is about being patient. Spiders take meticulous care to create their webs. And in this case, these spiders, not only had the web they lived in, but they created (built) another web so that they could go through the morphing process. The morphing process involved fire.

And I didn’t want to do that, I said, No, I’m going to be Forever Young. Which seems poignant all by itself, but it’s like, Oh…Forever Young, you know everybody says that….But in this case, Forever Young means Forever Immature

The fire appeared their miraculously. They didn’t do anything to make the fire happen, it just would happen, but they played a part; they had to . The spiders had to build another special web, a special place that they could, once it was built – (because I was looking at it from outside so) – once it was built I saw them go behind the web and that was where the fire would happen. Once they were behind there I would see a little fire and then I could see them IN the fire, and when they emerged, they no longer had their hairs, they just had exoskeleton. It wasn’t scary or anything like that.

The Lord just gave me a vision of somebody looking down a list of items, and not just looking at the list, like a blanket look, but actually carefully, meticulously looking at each item that was on the list.

And the Lord said, DAUGHTER.

Next the Lord showed me, somebody throwing the contents of a small wastepaper basket into a fire, to get rid of the contents. So the hairs (actually in this dream for the spiders) represent, the stuff the Lord wants to get rid of.

You could choose to do the cleansing process at any time. And in the dream my aunt chose to do it when she was older, but I had the opportunity to do it when I was very young.

The Lord just gave me the word, TAKE A LOOK AT IT. So in this case, the list and the wastepaper basket, both represent the same thing, just a small (list) – I guess the Lord’s going to deal with everything all at one time.

But I have my part to play, I have to willingly step behind the little enclave that I make, so that the fire can cleanse me. Getting rid of the little hairs is symbolic of getting rid of the dross, getting rid of the vestiges, the garbage in my life.

The Lord wants to deal with it all at one time, and then the exoskeleton means that I’m clean. ….The Lord just gave me the word, HEAVEN. It’s the process of going to heaven….

a girl near Water

I’m going to end the track here and just talk to the Lord, I feel His peace…you know…but I just want to talk to Him….