Feb 21, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Escape, Eyes of Yeshua

5.5 mins

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Ok, I woke up from a dream and I believe the topic was “Escape.” As I was laying here thinking about the dream, the Lord gave me a word, He said: OBEDIENT DAUGHTER.

(time lapse)



Ok, those two words are specific, the spiritual battle. I was thinking about the desert, and how people who walk across the desert are afflicted by the sun, by the sand, by the wind, by the cold, by the lack of water. It’s symbolic of spiritual battles, and spiritual storms, and severe ones at that. That’s when the Lord gave me those two words.

The Lord is giving me this word now: YOU CAN CONTEST THAT. (I’m not sure what that’s in reference to, so I’m going to wait on the Lord, YHVH Yeshua, to tell me.)

(time lapse)

Ok, the next word the Lord gave me was INIQUITY. And the Scripture that keeps coming to mind is: Our soul has escaped from the snare of the fowler, it’s written in Psalms. It says that we are escaped.

I was telling the Lord, you know – Are you testing my resolve to be patient with the process? Because He’s not really answering me, you know – like He did just give me that word, but it was after had basically told Him that I feel like, at least in part I’m under spiritual attack, so I said, I’m going to lift up my shield of faith because I know that You have delivered me from everything. I know you’re work is complete and it is finished and so it’s just a matter of me, wholly relying on you and no matter how the enemy comes against me, I have the Victory in You. We are escaped from all iniquity, because He covers us. He is our covering.

The compassion of the Lord really touches me. You know… the wages is of sin is death, but He died for us, and then He imparted gifts, the Number 1 gift being eternal life, but I think of all the plethora of gifts, that He gives us, all the fruits of the spirit which are made manifest in our lives and the fact that we are joint heirs, we can now be called the Sons and Daughters of God. Reigning, ruling, teachers, priests, prophets, healers, poets. The things that He gives us, the gifts, just having faith in Him is a gift. Being able to know Him is a gift. Having Him speak to us, even when He corrects us and teaches us and shows us the hard things of life, those are all gifts. He’s just so generous. He just wants to give.

Spiritual Gifts a Gift from Abba

And people, so many don’t understand His love. It just really touches my heart. And it upsets me how cruel people can be to Him, not understanding His love, His ways, because they are walking in the flesh, and they are walking in accordance to the dictates of man. We see things so differently, when we are clothed in flesh because of the physical, we think in terms of the physical. It really does take an extraordinary effort on our part to try to see things in the spiritual.

Laying down the flesh, laying down our rights, laying down our thoughts, our desires, what we think is right, what we think is the proper way. We can’t rely on our own understanding! We can’t rely on our sight what we see with our own eyes! We have to put on the Covering and see through the Eyes of Jesus. It’s the only way. That’s true escapism. That’s the true meaning.

That’s why the road is so narrow, and few find it, because you can only see that road with the spiritual eyes, the spiritual Eyes of Yeshua.

Scriptural Reference:

Psa 19:8 The precepts of Adonai are right, rejoicing the heart. The mitzvah of Adonai is pure, enlightening the eyes.
Psa 25:15 My eyes are always directed toward Adonai, for he will free my feet from the net.
Psa 26:3 For your grace is there before my eyes, and I live my life by your truth.

See also Psa 124