Apr 4, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Against the Knowledge of God

1Co 15:34 Come to your senses! Live righteously and stop sinning! There are some people who lack knowledge of God — I say this to your shame.

See also: 1 Co 15

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THEY ROSE AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD (<—— That was the word I received upon waking from this dream.)

I saw a terrible storm, and people were walking around naked, hungry.


I also saw them on the beach. The sand burned their feet as they walked along because they wore no shoes or sandals.

burned feet

They were waiting for a plane to arrive, to taxi down a particular runway. But they were on the wrong course. They were packed and all ready to go on a journey, but they were headed in the wrong direction.


They were running and chasing after the wind. I also saw that while they were waiting, some of them wandered off.

chasing wind

And I saw that many were distracted. They were intently focused on the things they were carrying with their hands.

Students multitask with computers, MP3 players, cell phones etc.

I saw the shadow of a Cross, but none of them carried one with them. None of the people I saw in the dream were following Jesus.

shadow of the cross

They were seeking after the things of the world, their own thoughts and ideas, their own beliefs, the lusts of the flesh….and they were powerless against the storm…totally helpless….