Warning You

This page is an Addendum to my blog. The dream being shared on this page, is a WARNING:

Dream: June 24, 2013
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In this dream, I was boarding a bus with a young man from a very poor country in Asia. His name is 耶稣, which is Yesu. We sat next to an old woman who asked for help with a bag of dirty laundry she carried with her. Yesu was more than happy to help her, and so was I.

Just then, another woman boarded the bus and saw Yesu. She recognized him and asked in a very snide tone,“What are you doing here??”

He responded saying, “I belong here, I live here. Look here is my Certificate proving it.” And he showed it to her. When she saw the Certificate, she made fun of him, and the School he attended.

So he got up and sat down next to her and posed a question:

“What does 5,750,144 multiplied by 200 equal?”

She stammered and tried to figure the sum in her head. He waited a moment and then calmly began figuring the sum, speaking the equation out loud, and gave the answer: “11,500,288.”

Before she could get a word in edgewise, he posed another question to her, saying: “When you take the total sum of the Greek words in passage of Scripture found at II Thessalonians 3:14-15 and multiply it by 200, what does that equal?”


A total look of shock washed over her face. It was obvious that she did not know, nor thought to realize that a question like that could be asked!

Then Yesu looked at her directly in the eyes and calmly worked out the equation, out loud, and spoke the answer. The woman had nothing to say, she was speechless.

As he walked back over to where I was sitting, He said these words:

“I went to a School that not only taught me how to provide complex mathematical solutions, but it also taught me how the human mind works.”

And with that, he sat down next to me, and looked at me very humbly, seeking my approval. So, I said these words to Him:

“One should never ridicule what they have no knowledge of.”

…and the dream ended.


From the Letter of II Thessalonians,
written by Paul, the Apostle:

2Th 3:14 And if anyone does not obey our word by this letter, mark that one and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

2Th 3:15 Yet do not count him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.


The meaning of the number 200,
as written by Biblical Scholar E.W. Bullinger:

Twenty is the number of expectancy as we have seen (p. 262). Here we have it tenfold (20×10).
The significance of this number is suggested by John 6:7, where we read, “Two hundred pennyworth of bread is NOT SUFFICIENT for them.”

And so we find this number stamping various things with insufficiency.

● Achan’s 200 shekels were “not sufficient” to save him from the consequences of his sin (Josh 7:21). This shows us the insufficiency of money (Psa 49:7-9). ● Absalom’s 200 shekels weight of hair were “not sufficient” to save him, but rather caused his destruction (2 Sam 14:26, 18:9). This shows us the insufficiency of beauty. ● Micah’s graven image was purchased for 200 shekels (Judg 17:4 and 18), and led to the introduction of idolatry into Israel and the blotting out of the Tribes of Dan and Ephraim from the blessing of Revelation 7, showing us the insufficiency of mere religion. ● Ezra’s 200 “singing men and women” (Ezra 2:65), were “not sufficient” to produce “peace with God,” true spiritual worship, or joy in the Lord. Only God’s word rightly ministered can lead to this (Neh 8:5-9). This shows the insufficiency of external things in the worship of God, and the impossibility of worshipping God with the senses.

True worship, which alone God will accept, “MUST” (John 4:24) be spiritual.

*Posted by electsister777 on June 27, 2013.